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Reasons to opt for cloud based CMMS

Published On September 27, 2022     |     5 Min Read

cloud based CMMS

In today’s world, most of the CMMS software is cloud based and available as Software As A Service (SAAS). You can access it from any internet-enabled device which uses a compatible web browser. It is similar to accessing consumer sites like online banking sites, Google etc. where you do not need any data, server or hardware support.

Why you should opt for cloud based CMMS

There are several reasons to choose a cloud based CMMS. The organizations are looking for cloud solutions because it ensures the availability of the application, lowers the infrastructure handling headache, cost and maintains the data security. The reasons are elaborated below.

Access it anytime from anywhere

You might be at your building’s basement or at your organization’s headquarters discussing the productivity of the maintenance unit. Doesn’t matter, you would be able to access CMMS software in real-time. As it is hosted in the cloud, users can use it both via mobile browser, web browser and through mobile application. Being able to access CMMS from anywhere, anytime, it improves communication within the team and can also drive efficiency. The smart features allow the technicians to receive real-time notifications as soon as they receive new work order requests. If the technician is on-site, he/she can update the work status and also create requests from mobile apps. In the CMMS system asset details, supply parts inventory, maintenance work orders and others are easily accessible from anywhere. 

Multi User & Multi Business

Cloud based solution is generally based on multi user licenses where multiple users can work parallelly in respect of roles and permissions. Multiple businesses can use the application with limited access and rights. Moreover Problem reporting from external users can be allowed in CMMS software from a specified URL.  

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and upfront cost lowered

Cloud-based CMMS would be considerably less costly than an on-premise solution over the life of the application. Using CMMS, updates and upgrades would be automatically pushed ensuring that you are always using the latest version. Cloud based CMMS lowers the purchase and maintenance cost of infrastructure as well as the installation charges which needs for the on-premise software 

Work in offline mode

It is easy to update the work status in mobile devices from remote locations even in the offline mode of the cloud based CMMS solution. On reconnecting the local system sync the data automatically

Ensures asset reliability

Efficient cloud based CMMS solution provides best in-class reliability with approximately 99.5% guarantee of uptime. Large investments are made to back-up servers that would reduce the threats of data loss and outages

Reduce security breaches of data

The CMMS data is stored, digitized and back up is done on secure servers. There are numerous controls that keep the data safe including encryption control, penetration testing, tiered defense and audit control. Data security is kept up-to-date. The disaster relief plan of this CMMS solution keeps your data safe even in worst-case scenarios.

Choose filtering options and customize them for workflows

Many cloud based- CMMS software solutions have a subscription-based model which is free from hidden fees and would allow you to spend less funds upfront. You can add or remove users anytime you want and can change the permission setting also anytime. You can manage global sites centrally and you can add up to it as you go. 

Seamlessly connect to any system with minimum effort- Using cloud-based CMMS you can ensure constant flow of data seamlessly between your business systems and maintenance team and this will strike out information silos. You can easily integrate with ERP software which will keep inventory and financial system accurately. You can get real-time asset updates by connecting to PLCs, SCADA and many other production systems. Hence data-driven maintenance is made easier with cloud based CMMS solutions. 


A cloud based facility and asset maintenance management solution would stay in line with your company’s objectives as your business grows. This is done mainly by the following 3 ways which are as follows:

  • Multi-user access ensures that all the stakeholders can access the centralized system restricted by different roles and permission. User roles can be defined as technicians, admin or general user etc. Add as many users as required based on business needs and availability of licenses
  • New information uploading is easier and faster in order to add new facilities, equipment etc.
  • CMMS solutions have the training document or online support option to ensure that new users can understand and adopt the application in a hassle-free manner

Use cloud-based CMMS solutions to focus on the core responsibilities of your business avoiding unnecessary operational overheads. Get in touch with DreamzCMMS for more details.


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