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What is CMMS? Your Ultimate Guide

Published On December 10, 2021     |     5 Min Read

What is CMMS Ultimate guideline

CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System at its core is a software solution to manage, streamline and automate all maintenance operations of a business enterprise. It is a centralized mobile and web application for processing and storing maintenance data. For example, data about work orders, purchase orders, and preventive maintenance schedules. work histories, assets, parts inventory, logs, vendors, maintenance reports.

The role of a good CMMS software is to automate Work Order management and Preventive Maintenance scheduling, provide real time actionable reports, decrease downtime, reduce repair cost, and lower manual work significantly that is generally associated with maintenance life cycle.

CMMS caters to almost all the Heavy Industries, however some of the major industries where CMMS is implemented and saves quantifiable amount of Money & Time at the end of the year are:

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Facility Management
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Energy & Resources

Modus operandi

Organized Work order management: Generating work orders and completing them on time will become smooth and hassle free with CMMS implementation

Enhanced Preventive maintenance: CMMS aids in Preventive maintenance which helps in routine and regular maintenance of assets and equipment that reduces unexpected equipment failure and costly unplanned downtime

All-encompassing Incident management: Incident management through CMMS is the best way to respond to unplanned service interruptions as well as restoring them to their optimum operational condition

Streamlined inventory management: With the help of CMMS, you can now manage Supply Parts inventory and its process of ordering made easy. Various Assets, Supply parts, components etc. tracking is the major task for an organization. Using CMMS, Management or Technicians can have an overall view of the entire maintenance situation.

Efficient Procurement management: Let your CMMS platform effectively handle the procurement management by taking the responsibility of checking processes of purchasing goods, services, materials, products etc. required for running business operations efficiently.

Generating reports simplified: Maintenance and Facility managers can reap the benefits of reports generated by CMMS reporting module that helps in taking informed decisions.

Basic elements of a CMMS platform

  • Operator Interfaces form the basis of a CMMS platform. It is the desktop or mobile device screen through which you navigate the various features of the CMMS system. You can create, track, assign, and monitor various activities pertaining to maintenance management.
  • Reporting Dashboards combines the information and transforms them into KPI focused reports. This gives you better insights about process performances. Hence, you will be in a better position to take informed decisions based on the comparative reports.
  • Application Data, which is related to maintenance or asset management systems, can be available in cloud. This cloud storage of data facilitates unlimited accessibility and scalability.
  • Administrative settings will permit the administrators of the CMMS system to modify the user-based permissions. The administrators can then limit user rights, search filter options, and create work order models.

Why do you need a CMMS?

Although, there are various reasons to implement CMMS, the most fundamental being – saving time & effort and hence improves efficiency in process. It helps to digitize and automate the Asset Management and Maintenance Management Process. Apart from that, it will assist the maintenance managers to automate workflow, track activities of maintenance. And finally implement better and updated maintenance procedures, and take cost-effective decisions.

Let’s summarize the focus points

Preventive maintenance gets streamlined: Maintenance managers can now use this centralized component to manage, assign, create and monitor work orders.

Well-organized inventory management: The maintenance team can track the movement of spare parts with ease. As well as they can reorder or replace those smoothly.

Improved work order management: Organizing work orders can be done in a jiffy with the help of the centralized database of the CMMS platform.

Reduced downtime: Planned or Scheduled maintenance allows machines to get checked at regular intervals. This saves the machine from suffering sudden failure or unplanned break down and thus reduces downtime.

Audit compliance: CMMS stores the historical data of an organization. The reports enables the Accounts department to prepare the statutory Audit compliance.

Enhanced asset management: With the help of such system, the managers can now track and catalog all assets by their specific category, location, date, serial numbers and various other aspects.

Simplified accounting: CMMS allows accountants to have ready access to information about assets pertaining to tax reporting and capital expenditure decisions.

Better safety measures and protocols: The CMMS system with its scheduled checkup will confirm that the machines are running within acceptable range. So that it reduces the threat to operators and other staffs working on those machines.

Sensor technology based monitoring: As IoT and Industry 4.0 continue to grow; you can now sync the CMMS platform with sensor technology. This will enable you to get real-time data about potential failures, wear and tear of equipment in advance.

CMMS in a nutshell

A company can benefit from a CMMS system several ways. It helps in assigning work to resources and tracks activities of maintenance team. It determines costs of repair and digitize the entire Asset & Maintenance Management processes.

CMMS can further help in reducing human error and increase productivity by achieving operational efficiency. Scheduling preventive maintenance helps to keep equipment and machines at their prime condition and provide a safe working environment. Thus DreamzCMMS has helped many business enterprises to achieve their aim and objective in maintenance management. Get in touch with us to know how.


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