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Education Sector Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

DreamzCMMS helps in tracking Education Facilities and Complaints with Easy Maintenance of Assets

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Key Features

Some of the features that upgrade the Education sector with better operational performance and safety measure

Key Features

Some of the features that upgrade the Education sector with better operational performance and safety measure

Frequent Market Challenges that the Education sector faces

In the education sector student safety is the major factor in Management planning. Due to Manual processes, it misses the focus. CMMS can automate the process like receiving a problem notification and convey to technicians and resolve that without any delay.

Here some of the pain points as noted from different case studies

  • Latency of information delivery about Critical asset breakdown or Incident creates vulnerable situation which may even cause deaths
  • Negligence and no safety measures cause accidents in laboratories
  • Hard to track the structural processes in the library, assets and facility maintenance area.
  • Major problems and issues are with the asset tampering or theft leading to huge effort need to track and manage
  • Tracking and monitoring of work distribution assignment is not effectively managed
  • Monitoring of CCTV and manuals management are not managed efficiently

Benefits Of Using DreamzCMMS for Education sector

Educational institutions deal with a huge number of students, staff and visitors every day. They maintain facilities, critical equipment like computers, sprinklers, alarms, and HVAC. It is critical to ensure all these assets are maintained in working condition without any downtime or malfunction. This ensures the safety of all.
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The following benefit features of DreamzCMMS adds value to the overall performance of an institution

  • Efficient Work Order management for Education
  • Automatic generation of Work Orders through predefined workflows
  • Monitoring and maintenance of assets through condition based IoT sensors
  • Real time status update of any maintenance activity through DreamzCMMS mobile app
  • Safety of all Stakeholders in an educational institute is ensured through DreamzCMMS.
  • It provides real time inspection records, performs scheduled preventive maintenance and other tasks.
  • Improvement in productivity through real time updates, communication, video conferencing, work order status and inventory information
  • Improvement in Asset life span through proactive scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Standards by storage of historical information for all activity related to asset and have real time ready evidence for compliance and regulatory purposes
  • DreamzCMMS help in receiving the complaint and process on time

Some of the Key Solutions focussed on the Education Sector

  • RFID based tracking of books and assets in Library
  • Maintains centralized repository of all assets and maintenance information enabling comprehensive data driven report generation
  • IoT sensors generate alert and inspection work orders to neutralize theft or unwanted activities
  • Set up preventive maintenance schedules that lower equipment downtime and increase reliability & safety
  • Submit work requests through an easy-to-access portal and attach details to show exactly where the problem is occurring
  • Trigger work orders automatically, comment on the work order if they are missing any tools

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Benefits points once again

  • Maintenance management guarantees safety by effective maintenance of Education related equipment (fire extinguishers, chemical safety supplies, etc.)
  • Centralized IoT based monitoring makes maintenance activities cost-effective and reliable
  • Event based maintenance & Incident management system analyses the threat and creates automated work order and assign the service team with ETA. This leads to avoidance of bigger Risks
  • Blockchain based security
  • Nested PMs & CBMs help to create a proper roster effortlessly
  • Access asset information from anywhere

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