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Public Utilities & Municipality Asset and Maintenance Management Simplified

Facility Management with Asset Maintenance, Incident tracking and Procurement Process for Municipality & Public Sector

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Key Features

DreamzCMMS is specifically designed to address the issues of a huge number of Assets in the maintenance process

Key Features

DreamzCMMS is specifically designed to address the issues of a huge number of Assets in the maintenance process

DreamzCMMS benefits for Municipality sector

DreamzCMMS Asset management and maintenance management software record and store all historical data for assets like previous work orders, failure and repair history, the related costs , current valuation and remaining life span. All these help in data driven decisions for future planning of maintenance, procurement, and replacement needs.
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Some of the benefits as per case study,

  • Update maintenance task on the go, capture real time maintenance and inspections informatio
  • With Intelligent Workflow definition and IoT based condition monitoring, it lets to automatically create maintenance trigger work orders ensuring proactive and timely maintenance of facilities and machines
  • DreamzCMMS helps in assigning maintenance managers and technicians to specific facility and assets
  • It helps in proactive maintenance through scheduled preventive maintenance for critical equipment based on time and usage parameters
  • Asset management module of DreamzCMMS allows efficient and intuitive way of organizing Asset inventory leading to efficient and real time availability of any information related to machinery, equipment, and facilities
  • Graphical diagram based Analytical Report and dashboard for quick tracking in one shot.

Frequent Challenges For Public And Government Sectors

Facility Management and Asset maintenance becomes a huge challenge if handled manually or through traditional application. If the number of assets are huge then it becomes painful to handle if the process is not automated.

Some of the challenges that we received from the people of these sectors we talked with.

  • Most of the process & information stored manually in word or excel file makes difficult to fetch specific reports
  • Asset tampering or theft is one of the major problems & due to this there is a need to assign a huge manpower to protect it
  • Unable to manage work order history for any asset
  • Work distribution, assignment, Monitoring was not efficiently managed
  • Excessive time spent on asset management admin tasks
  • Latency of information delivery of critical asset breakdown or incident creates more vulnerable situations which causes death
  • Unable to retrieve proof of maintenance of the high risk equipment while any escalation happens.
  • Difficult to trace and monitor the physical condition of assets
  • Understand the expenses of an asset in its life cycle
  • Track real time data for auditing and compliances

More Approaches To Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS makes it easier to manage road maintenance, public building maintenance, storage facility maintenance and all other utilities. Our maintenance software improves the lifespan of assets, track maintenance costs, improves productivity,reduces unplanned downtime and minimizes inventory costs.

Some of the Key Solution points focussed on the Municipality & Public Sector

  • Save all the asset maintenance transactions through blockchain which is a 100% valid document in audit or inspection under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Using IoT sensors generate alert & inspection work orders to responsible people to neutralize or verify the issue
  • Organize and view your facilities, equipment, tools in an intuitive hierarchy
  • Run preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance on your high use and high-risk assets
  • Report and track the numbers of unplanned maintenance jobs registered as defects, incidents and problems
  • Get complaint from external people through link and generated work order from it

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Benefits points once again

  • Event based maintenance
  • Incident management system analyses the threat and creates automated work orders and assigns the service team with ETA
  • CMMS makes everything online cloud-based so anyone can access from anywhere and get the report easily
  • Inventory reports and asset movement management helps to understand asset utilization
  • Ensure spare parts inventory is always adequate & available
  • Nested PMs improve asset performance, reduce downtime
  • Track the health of critical assets

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Business Benefits Achieved

Other Industries Covered

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