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Effective maintenance process, communication between retail locations and efficient inventory tracking made the day-to-day function of Retail Industry simple

DreamzCMMS software can help retail store chains to improve equipment reliability, reduce downtime, improve productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance. By using DreamzCMMS software, retail store chains can streamline their maintenance operations and improve overall store efficiency, resulting in increased profitability and sustainable growth.

DreamzCMMS software can be highly beneficial for a retail store chain in several ways, including:

Predictive Maintenance

IoT-enabled CMMS can use real-time data from sensors installed in various retail assets such as HVAC systems, refrigeration units, elevators, and escalators, to predict when maintenance is required. This enables proactive maintenance and reduces equipment downtime, thereby ensuring that the store runs smoothly without any disruptions.

Improved Customer Experience

By using IoT-enabled CMMS, retail enterprises can ensure that their stores are clean, well-maintained, and fully operational, which can enhance the overall customer experience. A pleasant shopping experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Asset Management

Retail enterprises have a large number of assets that need to be managed, such as inventory, equipment, and facilities. IoT-enabled CMMS can help with asset tracking and management, allowing retailers to monitor the usage and performance of their assets, schedule maintenance activities, and optimize asset utilization.

Energy Management

Retail enterprises consume a significant amount of energy, and reducing energy costs is a critical concern for them. IoT-enabled CMMS can monitor energy usage patterns and identify opportunities for energy savings, such as turning off lights and HVAC systems during non-business hours, optimizing HVAC settings, and reducing energy consumption during peak demand periods.

Performance Analytics with Dashboards and 100s of built-in reports

Gain access to KPIs and dashboards powered by PowerBI designed precisely for success and make informed and data-driven decisions.

  • Export Excel and PDF reports
  • Identify issues at a glance
  • Eliminate manual reporting

Features and Functions of DreamzCMMS

There are several examples of retail enterprises that have successfully implemented IoT-enabled CMMS to improve their operations and reduce costs.

One example is Walmart, which has implemented an IoT-enabled CMMS platform to monitor the performance of its refrigeration units in real-time. The system uses sensors to collect data on the temperature and performance of each unit, which is then analyzed to identify potential issues before they become major problems.
As a result, Walmart has been able to reduce its refrigeration maintenance costs by up to 20% and has achieved significant energy savings.

DreamzCMMS RFID Inventory Management

  • Inventory Tracking

    Real-time inventory quantities, current location, and movement history.

  • Theft / Unauthorized Alerts

    Assets which have not been sold, transferred-out, or white-listed, can set off an alert on door mechanism.

  • Stock Take / Inventory Cycle Count

    Perform inventory cycle count or stock take operations with ease, find out how accurate your inventory is.

  • Automated Replenishment Alerts

    Set the expected quantities, and receive real-time replenishment alerts which can be configured as per your need.

  • Print RFID Tag

    Serialize or print your RFID tags with ease using handheld scanners, and RFID Printers.

  • Unauthorized Zone

    Assets / Personnel detected in unauthorized zones can set off alerts.

  • RFID Transfers / Dispatch

    Become 200% more efficient by doing RFID transfer. As shipments come in, they will be received with ease and audited.

  • Integrations

    Integrates easily with other software using API’s. Integrate with your existing ERP, WMS or Retail Solutions such as Shopify.

RFID Technology in Retail

RFID Technology has become an essential tool for retailers to improve their operations and enhance the shopping experience of their customers.

“Zara, a global fashion retailer, uses RFID technology to manage its inventory more efficiently. RFID tags are attached to each product, and the tags are scanned by RFID readers to track inventory levels in real-time. This enables Zara to restock its stores more quickly, reduce out-of-stock situations, and improve inventory accuracy.”
“RFID technology is a powerful tool for retailers to improve their operations, reduce costs, and enhance the shopping experience of their customers. It enables retailers to automate inventory management processes, prevent theft, and provide product information to customers.
By adopting RFID technology, retailers can increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce costs, leading to increased profitability and sustainable growth.”

DreamzCMMS RFID Inventory Management

Integration Matters

DreamzCMMS is connected to some of the best software platforms in the industry

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