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Key Features

Boost productivity and improve asset useful life with Property Maintenance Management Software

Key Features

Boost productivity and improve asset useful life with Property Maintenance Management Software

Maintain Your Assets Using Property Management Software

The Property Management Software of DreamzCMMS provides solutions for all kinds of property management starting from asset tracking, its maintenance, procurement management and all data-driven reporting for effective decisions.

Check out how installing the property management software of DreamzCMMS can help your business gain efficiency.

  • Work Order Management
  • Incident Management
  • Time & Cost Tracking
  • Technician Mobile App
  • Floor Plan with Equipment Tracking
  • Secured Asset Logs
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Cloud Software Access From Anywhere

Frequent Challenges Faced by Property Management Teams

Managing tedious paperwork, delay in retrieving maintenance information of critical assets, poor time management and important information accessibility are key factors pulling down the performance of your business.

  • Manual storing of the process & information in word or excel file makes it difficult to fetch any reports
  • Problems like asset tampering or theft require huge staff assignments for protection leading to increased cost
  • Unable to manage work order history for any asset
  • Lack of efficiency in Work distribution, assignment and Monitoring
  • Excessive time consumption in asset management tasks leading to increased cost
  • Unavailability of asset breakdown or incidents information leads to inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction
  • Unavailability of maintenance records as proof for compliance due to lack of effective reporting
  • Difficulty in tracking and monitoring of the physical condition of assets
  • Lack of understanding of the expenses of an asset in its life cycle
  • Unable to track real time data for audit and compliances

Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS provides Property Management solutions to ensure your property is used optimally and efficiently so that you gain a competitive edge with increased productivity and reduced costs. It has unique features like asset problem
reporting, real time value calculation and automated work order generation for efficient operation.

Enhances Tenant Experience & Satisfaction

  • Receive timely updates for effective maintenance
  • The data-driven report helps to analyse the health of a property and in data-driven decisions for maintenance

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Efficient Use of Labour & Increased Productivity

  • Detailed reports highlighting the areas which incur more cost and inefficiency
  • Effective decisions help businesses to increase productivity by efficiently using the labours

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Reduces Maintenance Downtime

  • Make sure that maintenance is done at required intervals
  • Reduce maintenance downtime and extend assets lifetime with help of planned and preventive maintenance

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User Friendly Interface & Intuitive Operations

  • Very easy to understand user interface
  • Better visibility with the availability of all asset and maintenance information in a centralized system

Property Maintenance Task Tracking & Verification

  • Enables to track any task status and verify whether the task completes on time
  • Provides timely updates enabling suitable actions at the right time

Property Maintenance Management Reports & Analytics

  • The event-based system analyses the threat and creates an automated work order
  • Online and mobile platforms enables to access information from anywhere and get reports
  • Help to understand asset utilization to ensure adequate spare parts in the inventory

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Business Benefits Achieved

Integration Matters

DreamzCMMS is connected to some of the best software platforms in the industry

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