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Implement CMMS to improve the safety standards

Published On February 8, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Improve Safety maintenance using dreamzcmms

The major challenge faced by maintenance managers is to ensure implementation of safety standards at the workplace. Implementing preventive maintenance strategies through modern digital CMMS can effectively manage this daunting task.  

Understanding the major causes of mishaps or accidents

  • Lack of proper working conditions such as height, light, platform
  • Proper training
  • Lack of lockout/Tagout procedures(LOTO). 

Appropriate implementation of Lockout/Tagout procedures before equipment service or maintenance control hazardous energy and protect workers from harm.

  • Following procedures with little or no documentation

The biggest challenges faced by production facilities to improve safety standards

  • Lack of  knowledge and skills: Every device, machine, equipment is different. Specialized assets need specialized training and skill to repair and manage them. If a work is assigned to any technician who is not skilled or qualified for the maintenance of the asset, chances of accidents increase.
  • Inadequate buy-in: In case the facility managers are not able to get buy-in from the maintenance team, safety protocol training remains unexecuted. Technicians should be responsible to follow procedures of safety measures and feel engaged in the training sessions. They need to stay up to date with the latest information on health and safety of working in a production facility or manufacturing unit.
  • Lack of standardization: It becomes increasingly difficult to instruct staff about safety measures if no standardization of procedures follows. Without standardization, technicians generally forget the specific way of doing a work. This results in the incorrectly work done, increases the chances of accidents.
  • Training Timing: The maintenance world suffers from a grave problem of selecting the right time for training. Since, there is always a device to check, equipment to repair, reports to generate, the best time to train about safety protocols, compliance and regulations is to take a back seat.
  • Tracing and recording qualifications: Maintenance managers find it extremely difficult to trace and track the skills, qualifications, certificates and past training of the technicians. But worksheets, pen and paper, it is absolutely impossible to gather and organize data. As a result is the manager assigning a difficult task to an unqualified technician leading to an unforeseen and dangerous situation.

The role of CMMS in improving the safety standards

Implementing an efficient CMMS solution will help in improving the safety of maintenance technicians and managing risks. 

How does a CMMS solution ensure better risk management?

  • Improved internal communication: CMMS solution allows easy exchange of information between different departments and teams
  • Improved preventive maintenance: Preventive maintenance plans can be better worked out with CMMS software which ensures better safety standards
  • Standardized information of devices and equipment: A mobile app CMMS solution can give quick and easy access to important information related to all devices and machines to every worker working on them. With CMMS, information about maintenance and condition history, near misses, accidents and safety concerns can be fetched easily
  • Better maintenance schedules: Maintenance managers can use the CMMS solution for better and effective planning of maintenance schedules. This will ensure safe working conditions for every worker. In addition, also provide specific information of each intervention and risk factors
  • Better safety and compliance standards: With the number of stakeholders increasing, safety and compliance is a cause of concern of all site managers. Nevertheless, implementing a good CMMS solution will guarantee better risk management
  • Improved inventory of assets: Outdated or out of place Spare parts of equipment can cause uncalled for delays and accidents. A CMMS allows workers to easily find an asset or part. Moreover, it also allows to find information regarding health and safety about that specific part or asset

Features of DreamzCMMS that makes it supreme

The key features of DreamzCMMS that can help maintenance managers to improve the safety standards of technicians without affecting productivity and reliability are:

Thus, to simplify maintenance operations and control complex work environments, choose DreamzCMMS today. Call us to know more.


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