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Public Utilities Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

Efficiently maintain your assets with DreamzCMMS helps to track assets and reduce untimely failures, saving unnecessary expenditures

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Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

Schedule Assets Maintenance Efficiently In Public Utilities

DreamzCMMS in Public Utilities helps to schedule maintenance jobs, based on a meter reading or alarm or completion of another task. Preventive maintenance, enterprise asset management, procurement and MRO inventory management, service requests, procurement cycle management and intelligent dashboard, KPI and real-time reporting are some of its crucial features.
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Check out how DreamzCMMS can help public utilities assets gain efficiency.

  • Reduce High & Expensive Infrastructure Costs To Maintain
  • Reduce Equipment Failures To Avoid Hazardous Conditions
  • Efficient Maintenance Helps An Asset With Long Working Life
  • Utility Maintenance Manager Helps To Schedule Maintenance Tasks
  • KPI & Real-Time Reporting Helps To Track Assets Efficiently

Frequent Challenges Faced by Public Utilities Management Teams

Managing tedious paperwork, delay in retrieving information of critical assets, lack of automated tracking and important information accessibility are key factors pulling down the performance of your business.

  • Most of the processes and information stored manually in word or Excel files makes it difficult to fetch any reports
  • Asset tampering or theft is one of the major problems and due to this there is a need to assign huge manpower to protect it
  • Work distribution, assignment, Monitoring was not efficiently managed
  • Unable to manage work order history for any asset leading to lack of proof of maintenance of high-risk equipment
  • Latency of information delivery of critical asset breakdown or Incident create vulnerable situations

Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS maintenance software for the Public Utilities helps to identify and reduce maintenance costs and maintenance risks which makes your maintenance faster, easier, and more efficient and also saves cost. For maintenance managers, supervisors and technicians, our easy-to-use public works work order and maintenance software gives you powerful tools to streamline operations. DreamzCMMS maintenance mobile app offers maintenance management that’s always within reach anytime, anywhere.

Key Solutions For Public Utilities Management

  • Using IoT sensors generate alert & inspection work orders to responsible people to neutralize or verify the issue
  • Track, communicate and control maintenance costs and activities
  • Simplify inspection rounds by verifying safety checks as they are completed in real-time
  • Have machines and equipment at all your facilities trigger work orders automatically
  • Build custom preventive maintenance work orders
  • Assign users to specific sites, facilities, and equipment
  • Organize and view machinery, systems and facilities in an intuitive hierarchy

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Key Benefits

  • CMMS is available online and in mobile devices enabling anyone to access it from anywhere and get reports easily
  • The event-based maintenance and incident management system analyses the threat, creates an automated work order
  • Nested PMs and CBMs help to create a proper roster effortlessly
  • Saves the asset maintenance transactions in the Blockchain for audit as per Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Easily access work order history for any asset

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