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#10 CMMS Software Features To Look For

Published On April 13, 2023     |     5 Min Read

10 cmms features DreamzCMMS

Computerized maintenance management systems help businesses take charge of the maintenance and equipment management aspects of operations. By automating these processes, CMMS software increases efficiency, reduces downtime and extends the lifespan of your equipment. How well software achieves these and other goals depends on the vendor you choose and the features they provide. Keep these top CMMS software features on your must-have list.

The Best CMMS Software Features for Your Business

Choosing the right software is a lengthy process. The more bureaucratic your organizational processes and the steeper the hierarchy, the longer the steps become. You can significantly reduce the software procurement time if you know exactly what you need to manage your maintenance operations better.

1. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

This feature helps businesses plan and schedule maintenance tasks before equipment failure occurs. Companies can avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs by creating and sticking to schedules that align with the model and age of their equipment. You should have the option to create customized maintenance plans for each machine. Additionally, you ought to be able to set up recurring tasks, assign tasks to specific team members and track progress.

2. Work Order Management

It helps businesses manage maintenance requests and work orders. Companies can streamline their maintenance operations and reduce response times. CMMS software features that include powerful work order management capabilities help managers create, assign and track the progress of tasks. They should also enable teams to receive requests, document progress and automate time tracking and billing.

3. MRO Inventory Management

Inventory management for maintenance, repairs and operations focuses on handling spare parts. By maintaining an accurate inventory, businesses can ensure they have the necessary components to complete maintenance tasks. CMMS helps enterprises store, organize and track parts inventory by generating real-time stock updates.

4. Procurement Management

This feature makes it easy to manage assets and source parts. It includes recordkeeping, code tagging, maintaining reorder quantity and BOM creation. These options eliminate the manual tasks associated with procurement management, which can also reduce labor hours and costs while also reducing the likelihood of errors.

5. Enterprise Asset Management

Maintenance management solutions should offer a full range of enterprise asset management features. This works alongside other features such as scheduling maintenance and IoT capabilities. Asset management CMMS software features help managers maintain the overall value and productivity of the company by ensuring machines are in optimal shape to ensure optimal performance.

6. Incident and Change Management

Effective incident and change management makes it easy to access historical data. Managers should also be able to view problems and review equipment incidents in real time. Receiving alerts of incidents prompts managers to act quickly to resolve issues and reduce the risk of prolonged downtime and reduced productivity.

7. Reporting and Analytics

Access to a business intelligence dashboard can transform how you make business decisions. It displays key performance indicators, critical data points and business metrics. This data paints an accurate picture of business performance in real time so that you can make informed decisions about maintenance, asset management and procurement planning.

8. Third-Party Integrations

A system that works in isolation doesn’t allow your organization to leverage the power of synergy. This is the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Integrated systems work better together than they do alone. Integration CMMS software features facilitate data sharing and provide a consolidated view of your business across multiple applications.

9. IoT and Blockchain Integration

IoT integration can provide CMMS with real-time data from equipment to indicate potential maintenance needs. This feature enables CMMS software to alert team members of needed repairs and monitor equipment performance in different locations. This technology is still in its infancy, but proactive CMMS providers are already integrating it into their software to reduce unplanned downtime.

10. Mobile App

There’s an app for everything, and CMMS software is no exception. Choose a company with an app that provides overviews of all assets and facilities. Mobile apps provide remote access so managers can review work orders and asset details from anywhere. That makes centralizing this job function easier, which is more cost-effective than creating a new position for each location.

How To Find the Right CMMS Software for Your Business

Even after identifying the best CMMS software features, several companies might have similar offerings. You might wonder where to find the best company for your business needs.

Ask Other Reputable Businesses in Your Industry

Speaking with other business professionals can be one of the best ways to select CMMS software. Reach out to your peers and ask them about their experiences. Ask questions such as which companies they use and why, what features have been helpful, and if any issues arose during implementation.

Research CMMS Providers Online

You can also conduct your own CMMS research. Search online for software providers, read customer reviews and explore the company’s website to gain insights into their services. Here are some additional steps you should take at this stage of building your shortlist:

  • Request a demo of the CMMS provider’s product to get an interactive feel for its features before committing.
  • Get to know how the system works in depth to ensure it meets all of your CMMS needs.
  • Find out all associated costs so that you can determine whether it fits your budget.
  • Determine how knowledgeable the support staff is and how much experience the company has in its field.

Get the Best CMMS Software Features From DreamzCMMS

Our team focuses on helping our clients succeed. We have designed our onboarding and support process with this goal in mind. Over the years, our clients have reported reduced total cost of ownership, better compliance and improved inventory management as just some of the many benefits of using our software. Equipment downtime dropped by 25% on average and equipment life improved by 20%.

We provide a dedicated relationship manager so that you have someone to contact directly with questions or concerns. That makes it easier for us to expedite our resolution process and get you back on track. Are you ready to experience the DreamzCMMS difference? Schedule a demo to see our CMMS software features in action.


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