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Logistics Industry Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

Logistics Asset Tracking and Maintenance CMMS Software

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Key Features

Several major features of DreamzCMMS that helps Logistic Industry to maintain assets properly

Key Features

Several major features of DreamzCMMS that helps Logistic Industry to maintain assets properly

Frequent Market Challenges that the Logistics Sector faces everyday

Attempting to manage maintenance manually in a large, modern-day warehouse is a sure-fire recipe for chaos.
Activities will clash, important tasks will be overlooked, and downtime will increase as the maintenance team struggles to address one emergency after the other.

Here some of the pain points as noted from different case studies

  • Unable to understand the delay of the delivery and expenses details in a trip
  • Unwanted breakdown of vehicles creates a high level escalation due to time & temperature sensitive goods delivery
  • Difficult to track on the physical condition/defects of the vehicle
  • Excessive time spent on fleet management admin tasks
  • To measure the expenses of a vehicle in its life cycle while tracking real time data for auditing and compliance
  • Making sure all fleet assets are fully utilized

Benefits Of Using DreamzCMMS for Logistics Services

DreamzCMMS eliminates the need to spend time manually plotting and scheduling maintenance activities. OSHA maintains stringent safety regulations and guidelines for warehouses. The most common audits are for quality assurance, meter readings, safety, and hazard inspections.
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The following benefit features of DreamzCMMS adds value to logistics Industry

  • Create, schedule, perform, and record a wide variety of inspection
  • Checklists, a step-by-step procedures to validate work orders were correctly executed and track resources hours
  • Scheduled maintenance enables scheduled maintenance, inspections, and automatic creation of work orders from CMMS.
  • QR Code/RFID based tracking and monitoring from DreamzCMMS provides a powerful tool to the Logistics Industry
  • IoT devices based condition monitoring of equipment and products in transition helps to ensure safety and good condition of the goods being transported
  • CMMS Mobile App helps technicians to handle maintenance and report issues in real-time.

Why Use DreamzCMMS

The maintenance software for logistics industries have been quite complicated for a long time. DreamzCMMS maintenance software focuses on combining enterprise level features with ease of use which makes your job easy, drives productivity, improves efficiency and saves cost. The software is not only loaded with features, but is also intuitive and customizable.

Some of the Key Solutions focussed on the Logistics Industry

  • Integrate with DreamzIoT fleet tracking modules
  • Schedule ongoing physical inspections through MobileCMMS App
  • Manage single & multi-asset work orders & Identify high volume or high-risk vehicles
  • Send real-time data from DreamzIoT, a GPS vehicle tracking device, through the DreamzIoT integration
  • Reduce waste emissions and your carbon footprint

Key Benefits

  • Nested PMs improve vehicle performance, reduce downtime, and track the health of critical assets.
  • Asset hierarchy increases the visibility of asset uses within a particular vehicle
  • Improved security and safety
  • Reduced disruption
  • Inventory reports and asset movement management helps to understand asset utilization

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