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CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management software that is designed to help companies of every size to organize, plan, track and simplify maintenance operations and asset management.

DreamzCMMS Maintenance Management software can be used for many things but mostly used to help you organize, plan, track and simplify maintenance operations. This is done by facilitating the preparing maintenance programs and creating Work Orders (WOs), scheduling of preventive maintenance (PMs), receiving external work requests, managing assets, managing part inventories and generating maintenance reports.

DreamzCMMS software helps you to organize and track all of your Work Orders. Monitor and track what work needs to be done, who needs to do it, how much time it took, what parts were used, what invoices were involved, etc.
Additionally, Work Orders can be tied to one or more assets, creating maintenance records and data that is valuable when making critical business decisions such as if an asset should be replaced or allowed to run for another year.

DreamzCMMS maintenance software will help you to perform preventive maintenance by creating automated schedule work orders. The planned work is automatically created and assigned for the right person, and reminders are sent out as per configurations.
Additionally, all of the PMs are tracked so you know how much time they are taking and if they are being done on time and escalated when required.

Work Requests are service requests that users make to get something done on the platform. Work requests are created, prioritized, impacts are defined and assigned to a system user.
DreamzCMMS gives an open URL for anyone in the company or facility to report or create requests. Those requests can be taken as incidents and can be resolved as transforming into a work order and assigned to the right team or user depending on type, priority and impact. The requester can track the work and get notified when completed, along with completion notes and proof of work.

Asset Maintenance is an integral part of Enterprise Asset Management which mainly deals with asset maintenance, performance measures and optimizing asset useful life.
DreamzCMMS is a combination of both Enterprise Asset Management where you can not only get a complete asset register but also maintain the optimal asset useful life. For maintenance management, DreamzCMMS features, Planned and Scheduled Maintenance for Inspections, Calibrations, Corrections, Warranty Services etc.
For every work order you will be able to keep track of asset information, parts and supplies, associated manpower and cost. You can also attach user manuals or operation manuals, relevant documents such as warranty, Unique Serial numbers and any other piece of information that you need to record. This establishes an extensive repository of information for each asset, arming with you with necessary information needed for critical business decisions.

DreamzCMMS comes with a complete procurement solution which covers the complete cycle from requisition to invoice. It allows you to make manual requisition for parts and supplies required directly from a work order. You can also get automated requisition from lower inventory levels or manual requests from various department users and follow the complete cycle to follow from getting Request For Quotes from vendors to issuing Purchase Order, making Goods Receipt Notes followed by Invoices.
DreamzCMMS platform allows you to keep a running inventory of every kind of parts or tools that are needed for your maintenance operations. Parts are integrated with work orders and preventive maintenance so that your maintenance technicians can easily see if you have the right parts in stock before performing the work. Additionally, you can view how many parts were used within a given time, how many you may need in the upcoming year etc.

One of the most powerful aspects of DreamzCMMS is putting your data to work for you. Now that everything is being tracked, you can view real time dashboards and pull reports that answer questions like Whether the right maintenance work is being done? Which asset is costing the most? Where is my maintenance team’s time being spent? Is maintenance work done on time? What asset is breaking down the most? Which of my maintenance team members is performing best? And more..

DreamzCMMS systems is a cloud based solution. You can get a SaaS version on AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure with a monthly subscription (billed annually) Shared or Private instance.
You can also get an On-premise solution hosted at your very own private cloud infrastructure which is maintained by your IT staff, and often require a large setup fee and incurs heavy infrastructure and maintenance costs.

DreamzCMMS implementation can vary widely based on many factors. These factors can be like how large your business is, the number of features or modules you are planning to implement. The complexity of the modules of CMMS software that you are choosing and finally how much time you can put into the implementation.
It also depends on your data readiness which requires importing basic records like Asset data. Answering these questions should give you a better understanding of the timeline to implement.
For a SaaS based implementation, you can start within an hour with very basic stuff such as adding assets, creating and scheduling work orders, adding technicians and more..

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