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Key benefits of having DreamzCMMS as a Service

Want to manage your daily Asset Management and Maintenance Activities at your fingertips, without bothering about storage uncertainties & setup infrastructure and expertise, then DreamzCMMS is the best Cloud Hosted Solution for you. Get direct access to DreamzCMMS, manage your data and leave the cloud infrastructure setup and storage with us.

Lower Your Upfront Cost

DreamzCMMS Cloud Service is a subscription-based model and has no upfront cost like, cloud licence and infrastructure setup that will help you to save money. Just buy a subscription as per your requirement and you are all set to go.

Quick Setup & Deployment

DreamzCMMS Cloud Service is plug and play service which is already installed and configured in the cloud, which minimises common delays pertaining to deployment.

Auto & Easy Upgrades

DreamzCMMS Cloud Service updates automatically and in regular intervals. This means there will be no more headache to deploy upgrades and will eventually remove this workload and responsibility from you.

Easy Accessibility

To access DreamzCMMS via DreamzCMMS Cloud Service, all you need to open your web browser from laptops enabled with internet connection and you will be able to access your activities and data anywhere from the globe


With our range of subscription packages, DreamzCMMS Cloud Service offers you to add / remove functionalities from your account and that too on the go.

24×7 Support

Last but not least we will take care of the software training and our support team is available round the clock 24×7.

Key benefits of having DreamzCMMS hosted on Cloud as Private Instance

DreamzCMMS Private Instance Service helps you to manage all your maintenance activities on your cloud account. If you have an account, you can be in touch with us & explore the endless possibilities of managing all your maintenance activities. Our experienced technical support team will not only help you to set up your account but will also be available 24×7.

Performance Without Compromising Efficiency

We all are aware of the fact that time is money. Since, in Private Instance Service is a closed space for you and there are no users, other than you and your employees, therefore the rate of data transfer is much higher. This will save a lot of time and will increase the output without compromising efficiency.

Reduce TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership)

TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership), is an important aspect that every company is focusing on lowering. The private cloud solution is 10x Less Expensive compared to shared cloud services for over 3 Years and with the same workload. DreamzCMMS Private Instance Service helps you to deploy the DreamzCMMS in your private cloud infrastructure, which not only helps you to retain the ownership but also help you to avoid unnecessary recurring costs.

Its Secure & Private

DreamzCMMS Private Instance Service enhances security and privacy as compared with the public cloud. All your data will be saved and managed on servers to which no other company and your competitor has access which will greatly improve your data privacy. Moreover, all the controls are in your hand, you will be able to change settings to enhance your security.

Ensure Business Continuity

In the practical world, ensuring the business continuity process is difficult to achieve if you don’t own your cloud infrastructure. DreamzCMMS Private Instance Service gives you full control over the data so that you can manage your private infrastructure as per the changes in your business, which will ensure you to carry your business smoothly.

Maximum Customization

DreamzCMMS Private Instance Service offers you a wide plethora of customization. We understand that each organization has a set of technical and business requirements that usually vary according to company size, industry and business objectives. You are free to choose an infrastructure with specific storage and networking characteristics so that the system meets your goals perfectly.

Back It Up When You Need

DreamzCMMS Private Instance Service offers you a platform where you will be able to create backups for all your important data and restore it when necessary too with full security.

Top-performing businesses take a
Data-driven approach to maintenance
that yields great results

Clients have achieved super business benefits using CM MS

Upto 25%
Reduction in
Equipment Downtime
Upto 15%
Increase in
Upto 55%
Reduction in
Maintenance Cost
Upto 55%
Enhancement in
Equipment Life

Rapid Deployment

DreamzCMMS, being a cloud hosted solution can be implemented remotely and with onsite support as well. Depending on the complexity of implementation and customers choice, we can do both or either.

Customised Solutions

Customised solutions require additional time and effort for which the gap and scope can be discussed and agreed. It can also be hosted as an on-premise solution or on a dedicated cloud server.

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What makes DreamzCMMS Stand Out

An innovative approach towards EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

Code Tagging

Code Tagging DreamzCMMS
IoT Integration

IoT Integration DreamzCMMS
Secure Blockchain
Asset Logs

Secure Blockchain
Asset Logs DreamzCMMS
Nested Preventive

Nested Preventive
Maintenance DreamzCMMS
Real time
Asset Valuation

Real time
Asset Valuation DreamzCMMS
AI Based
Rules Engine

AI Based
Rules Engine DreamzCMMS
Floor Plan
Asset Tags

Floor Plan
Asset Tags DreamzCMMS
Built in
Video Conferencing

Built in
Video Conferencing DreamzCMMS

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