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Telecom Industry Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

Reduce the Cost of Network Downtime in Telecoms with Asset Management and Preventive Maintenance

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Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS for Telecom Sector

Downtime costs money. For the telecommunications industry, Gartner has put a very specific price on this expense: $5 600 every minute in 2014. Added to that, there can be a longer-term cost impact because customers will soon leave a Communication Service Provider (CSP) whose network they perceive as unreliable.
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A preventive approach to field service maintenance for a telecommunications network can reduce failures by up to 25%.

  • Manage maintenance strategies, scheduling, and work in progress
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to maintenance personnel
  • Generate work orders for inspection or corrective maintenance
  • Review and update scheduled equipment maintenance plans
  • Procurement management for better utilization of parts and supplies
  • Use IoT Devices for monitoring and reporting incidents, work orders and alerts

Frequent Maintenance Challenges in Telecom Sector

DreamzCMMS helps network preventive maintenance on two broad bases – time and condition, both of which work according to predefined schedules of activity.

  • Huge load of maintenance and inspection activities to be performed
  • Managing large workforce is required to manage large scale maintenance
  • Telecom companies assets structures are outdoors and therefore exposed to the elements
  • Real Time Monitoring, integration and reporting of system health
  • Asset depreciations and valuations are frequently needed for financial assessments
  • Corrosion, Wind-Induced Vibrations and bad weather conditions which requires intensive asset maintenance and assessments
  • Constant field upgrades and reconfigurations with new equipment combined with poor record keeping makes asset management difficult

Overcome Your Maintenance Challenges With Dreamzcmms

DreamzCMMS can make a significant impact on Operational Expenses and insights of the overall maintenance process that Telecom companies follows; giving a greater control over physical assets and maintenance programs. Scheduled preventive maintenance and IoT based conditional monitoring features enable the software to record incidents or maintenance work orders automatically using automated workflow and follow SOP.

Key Solutions for Telecom Sector

  • Enterprise asset management with real-time depreciation value and complete view of asset life cycle
  • Organize and view your facilities, equipment, tools in an intuitive hierarchy
  • Using IoT sensors to generate alert & inspection work orders to technicians as preventive measures
  • Run preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance on your high use and high-risk assets
  • Report and track the numbers of unplanned maintenance jobs registered as defects, incidents and problems
  • QR Code / RFID based tracking of all assets and provides real time information
  • Get asset and maintenance status including work orders status while on-the-go from any mobile device
  • Powerful floor plan feature to map your assets and equipment on it and shown with interactive icons displayed on floor plans
  • Intelligent dashboards, KPI and reports are automatically generated in real time
  • Get maintenance performance insights for better decision making and continuous improvement

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Key Benefits of DreamzCMMS

  • Efficient asset management module of DreamzCMMS enables maintaining a holistic Asset register
  • Store, access and share asset information including an intuitive hierarchical view of assets
  • Get Asset information on downtime and maintenance statistics
  • Get a consolidated view of documentation, video, images, SOP and tasks lists, safety procedures and warranties
  • Automated creation of Work Orders through scheduled preventive maintenance or nested PMs
  • Complete visibility into maintenance backlog giving you complete insight into maintenance program and resources utilization
  • Work order management to schedule preventive maintenance based on time based or usage-based parameters
  • Work orders are also auto generated based on IoT sensors reading asset data and trigger work orders based conditional monitoring
  • MRO Inventory management and procurement management for parts and supplies
  • With mobile app, real time information can be accessed, tracked, and managed

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