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Healthcare & Hospital Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

Emergency Equipment of Healthcare & Hospital can be managed easily without downtime using DreamzCMMS

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Key Features

Some of the features that help Healthcare and hospital sector to ensure maximum operational performance without any downtime

Key Features

Some of the features that help Healthcare and hospital sector to ensure maximum operational performance without any downtime

Frequent Market Challenges for Healthcare and Hospital Industry

In Healthcare and Hospital Industry, managing and maintaining the facility is a challenge for admin as well as the technical and non technical staff. People use traditional software like spreadsheets to keep records. But manual tasks result in significant delay resulting in loss of hours as well as money.

Here are some of the pain points as noted

  • The development of computerized record keeping is a significant reason for the extreme expansion in penetrated patient records
  • Decentralized frameworks make suppliers more defenseless against assaults
  • Regulation Changes drives up the expense of medical care administrations
  • Specialized equipment demands specific, standardized maintenance
  • Keep maintaining the facilities clean, patients and staff safe
  • Regulation Changes leads to disarray and confusion among the overall population
  • Unacceptability of progressed engineering and information frameworks to oversee information gathered from different sources
  • Increase asset availability as people depend on those assets and equipment to get the job done
  • Manual reporting and duplicate data entry for inspections and unnecessary paperflow

Benefits of Using DreamzCMMS In Healthcare And Hospital Industries

DreamzCMMS is a facility maintenance software that helps the administrator and the manager to track out a combined easy-to-use functionality. So that it will make the job easier and improve productivity and efficiency at Healthcare & Hospital. The software solution is fully loaded with features and facilities which will help you to schedule tasks, keep track of past work and vehicle status.

Some of the challenges that we received from the people of these sectors, we talked with.

  • Maintenance operations are scheduled to extend the life of a device and prevent failures
  • Recurring replacement of spare parts, calibration, lubrication or cleaning is possible using Preventive maintenance
  • QR Code and RFID based asset tagging enables efficient tracking and monitoring of assets saving time and reducing costs
  • Purchase modules helps in Healthcare sector to have a real time view of all Asset, its maintenance history and procurement need
  • Condition based monitoring through IoT devices helps to ensure perfect health of the critical instruments
  • Using Blockchain it keeps all data secured and safe.
  • Incident Management module of DreamzCMMS help in receiving the complaint and process on time
  • Mobile app helps to get real time notification to the technician to complete the work order on time

Why Use DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS makes it easier to manage equipment maintenance, facility maintenance, storage and all other utilities. DreamzCMMS is an Asset management and maintenance software that improves the lifespan of assets, tracks maintenance costs, and improves productivity with it’s enormous features.

Some of the Key Solution points focussed on the Healthcare & Hospital Industry

  • Execute paperless cycles for stocks received and dispatched, prompts low work costs and exact stock
  • Ensure safety of all Healthcare & Hospital equipment through efficient maintenance life cycle management. Guarantee proper maintenance schedule and calibration of medical devices. Record all purchase and warranty receipts
  • Data driven reports and analytics facilitates decision making process and also keep users updated real time on any asset maintenance
  • Solid coordination model with developed administration interaction to help incorporated safety frameworks
  • Medical Equipment Preventive Maintenance
  • Inventory Management for parts and supplies of Healthcare Industry
  • Medical Equipment Tracking and Healthcare Vendor Management

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Benefit Points once again

  • DreamzCMMS ensures proactive planning and avoid reactive maintenance to improve efficiency and reduce cost through its automated Work Order life cycle
  • It enables storage of asset, maintenance and parts inventory related information which facilitates compliance and regulatory reporting needs at Healthcare & Hospital
  • With mobile apps, you get real time monitoring and control
  • Create, Calculate, and track the work orders in a couple of snaps to assemble plans, pass reviews, dissect disappointment, and do more with less exertion
  • Buy, put together, and utilize the stock all the more productively to get the right parts, at the ideal opportunity, and at the right cost
  • Blockchain based security
  • Gather, dissect, and follow up on support information with a focal dashboard, top to bottom reports, review apparatuses
  • Gather and offer information, and trigger work across any creation or undertaking framework
  • All the requirements to oversee, measure, and advance the software are readily available
  • Dissect the information, discover patterns, and follow up on them promptly

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