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Reporting & Dashboard Simplified

Analytical CMMS Reports and Graphical Dashboards for greater business insights and better decision making

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Key Features

Reports and dashboards help in informed data driven decisions which enables better business and executions.

Prime features of DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS Reporting Module, a diligent tool to analyze your business operation visually. It provides data driven business insight for decision making. This leads to business efficiency and growth. Not only extract reports but also present the data using
tables, charts and many more visual formats .

DreamzCMMS generates Insightful Reports & Dashboard when you are working Few of the critical output that can be accessed

  • Asset Maintenance History
  • Asset Aging
  • Real Time Asset Valuation Report
  • YoY Asset Depreciation Report
  • Purchase Dashboard
  • Work Orders Reports by Resources
  • Inventory and Spare Parts Status
  • Custom Fields Work Order Print
  • Video Conferencing Calendar
  • Priority wise Incidents and Status

Frequent Challenges Faced by different Organization to maintain asset

Are you tired of managing work orders ? Looking for a faster and an easier way of doing the work while ensuring absolute accuracy?

  • Manual preparation of the reports consumes too much time and is error prone
  • Manually created traditional reports cannot provide real-time status
  • Procurement decisions based on past data reports created manually, impacts stocks causing over or under stocking
  • Manually created traditional reports from huge amount of data cannot provide actionable insights
  • Manual sharing of reports may lead to manipulation or theft of data leading to information leakage to competitors, which can cause financial loss of the organization

Overcome Your Maintenance Challenges With Dreamzcmms

DreamzCMMS provides insightful reports across all critical activities like maintenance, assets, parts and supplies, purchase, incidents and Work Orders. All the available CMMS reports can be extracted in various formats and downloaded
helping to analyse those outside the software also.

CMMS Reports For Maintenance Activities The user will be able to generate reports like

  • Work Order Count Chart
  • Maintenance Summary
  • Parts Usage History
  • Employee Hours
  • Work Orders List Report
  • Work Order Graph Report
  • Technician wise Work Order
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance
  • Site Asset & SM Summary
  • All Work Orders Detail Report
  • Open Work Orders Detail Report
  • Overdue Work Orders Detail Report
  • Shift Report
  • Open PM Work Orders List Report
  • Closed Work Orders Detail Report
  • Closed Work Orders With Completion Notes

CMMS Reports For All Incidents The user will be able to generate reports like

  • Problem
  • Request
  • Change


Reports For Total Procurements The user will be able to generate reports like

  • Open Purchase Request
  • All Purchase Request
  • Pending RFQ
  • Quote Received RFQ
  • All RFQ
  • Waiting for Approval Purchase Order
  • Approved Purchase Order
  • All Purchase Order
  • All Receipt / GRN
  • List Of Receipts Received Between Two Dates
  • Parts Received Into Inventory
  • Inventory Purchase Transactions

CMMS Reports For Your Assets The user will be able to generate reports like

  • Asset List
  • Asset Age Report
  • Type wise Asset Report
  • Asset Status Report
  • Transaction of Asset Reporting
  • Asset Movement Report
  • Asset Expiry Warranty
  • Offline Assets
  • Asset Valuation Journey
  • Total Current Asset Valuation Report
  • Chart for Transaction Count of Assets
  • Asset Count Chart Details
  • Valuation Chart of Assets
  • Meter Readings
  • Online Offline History
  • MTTR Report of Assets
  • MTBF Report of Assets
  • Asset Downtime Hits Report
  • Asset Scrap Analysis Report

Reports For Supplies & Inventories

  • View real-time updates on supplies and inventories enabling appropriate purchase decisions
  • The user will be able to generate reports like

    • Low Stock Report
    • Current Stock Report
    • Spare Parts Report
    • Stock History Report

Business Benefits Achieved

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