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Oil & Gas Industry Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

Increase life span of the assets and maximize productivity by complying with the regulatory standards with efficient scheduled maintenance

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Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

Strategize Maintenance In Oil & Gas Industry

DreamzCMMS helps the Oil & Gas Industry with an effective maintenance management solution along with a holistic asset management solution. This helps the organisation to execute its daily operations safely avoiding any unplanned downtime. proactive scheduled maintenance also helps in reducing operational costs and thereby improving business efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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Check out how DreamzCMMS can help oil and gas businesses gain efficiency.

  • Maintenance Management With Holistic Asset Management
  • Proactive Scheduled Maintenance Reduces Operational Costs
  • Maintains Historical Data & Evidence For All Equipment
  • Get Insights & Data-Driven Analytical Capability Of Assets
  • Reports Complaint With FERC, OSHA, ISO & EPA
  • QR Code & RFID Based Tracking & Monitoring To Track Assets
  • IoT Based Conditional Monitoring Ensures Proactive Maintenance
  • Data Accessible By All Stakeholders Via Mobile App

Frequent Challenges Faced by Oil & Gas Industry

Managing tedious paperwork, delay in retrieving information of critical assets, lack of automated tracking and important information accessibility are key factors pulling down the performance of your business.

  • Concern for safety in oil and gas industry
  • Disjoined platforms for monitoring data provided by individual equipment
  • Difficulty to ascertain reliability and integrity of data provided by machines and robotic equipment
  • Lack of pictorial representation of data leading to slower decision-making process
  • Manual constant monitoring of machines leads to additional cost
  • Equipment failure due to Oil contamination
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Optimal performance of assets
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Abiding by and be prepared for regulatory compliance

Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS for the Oil & Gas Industry focuses on combining enterprise-level features with ease of use which makes maintenance jobs easy, drives productivity, improves efficiency and saves cost. The software is loaded with features and is also intuitive and customizable. DreamzCMMS maintenance mobile app offers maintenance management that’s always within reach anytime, anywhere.

Key Solutions For Oil & Gas

  • Optimal usage of assets and environmental utilities leading to maximising production efficiency and reducing costs
  • Effective asset and maintenance results in reduced downtime, improved productivity and secured assets
  • Historical data of assets consists of information and reports required for regulatory compliance needs and audits
  • Available information from asset maintenance history provides transparency in environmental management needs
  • Organize equipment in an intuitive hierarchy
  • View what parts are needed for upcoming tasks so critical inventory is always stocked
  • Access detailed work order histories for assets
  • Set triggers based on various parameters to schedule maintenance
  • Record standard operating procedures for assets
  • Run scheduled and preventive maintenance tasks for proactively monitoring assets and equipment
  • Asset and Equipment Management for managing some of the most expensive and complex equipment of the industry
  • Generate and manage maintenance budgets across several cost centers
  • Create task groups based on required statutory compliance and link with asset / equipment
  • Control over procurement and inventory for better stock flow
  • Greater visibility over asset life and get real time depreciation value
  • Get real-time monitoring and control over resources from anywhere via mobile app
  • Predictive maintenance leading to reduced cost, increased equipment reliability, reducing unplanned downtime
  • IoT sensors are leveraged to increase safety measures, detecting oil spills and analyse and optimize extraction processes

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Key Benefits

  • Well managed and intuitive hierarchical structure of asset management
  • Eradicate major occurrences of unscheduled equipment repairs
  • Helps oil and gas companies to achieve safety and regulatory standards
  • Streamlines processes and tasks
  • Availability of historical data and critical documents enabling data-driven decisions
  • Availability of real-time information on work order status helps the user to access data from a centralised location
  • The mobile app enables user to access information from anywhere, anytime
  • Preventive and planned maintenance helps to reduce / avoid unforeseen breakdowns and failures
  • Asset management lets the user to track assets in real-time along with availability of SOPs and warranty information
  • Ensure employee safety by maintaining efficient maintenance records and asset management
  • Helps in optimising inventory costs and manages maintenance cost budgets
  • Controlled labour costs
  • Data-Driven reports and analytics enables efficient decision making
  • Process data and represent in the form of animated graphs and charts wherever possible for instant decision making

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