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Mining Industry Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

Reduce the Cost of Maintenance with Scheduled Preventive Maintenance and Proactive Monitoring in Mining Industry

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Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS for Mining Industry

The mining sector requires different infrastructures, equipment, and operations. The mining industry is a mix of large and small companies which relies on heavy equipment and machinery, numerous operators, complex operations, standards, and procedures, as well as rigorous safety measures.
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DreamzCMMS is a highly sophisticated software system that connects thousands of data points that at any given time provide a user with a complete overview of a mining operation or alternatively, with the status of an individual piece of equipment.

  • Manage maintenance strategies, scheduling, and work in progress
  • Optimized Inventory management of parts and supplies along with assets
  • Quickly generate accurate reports, and determine which of their assets requires preventive maintenance
  • Centralized accessibility of information for each asset
  • Procurement management for better utilization of parts and supplies
  • Use IoT Devices for monitoring and reporting incidents, work orders and alerts

Frequent Maintenance Challenges in Mining Industry

All equipment, parts and supplies can be tracked through QR Code and RFID tags enabling Optimized stock management and Easy stock control.

  • Manually keeping track of heavy machineries which requires frequent maintenance and inspection activities to be performed
  • Recordkeeping of equipment health and reliability plays a big factor to the overall productivity
  • Knowing assets which are outdoors spread over large areas for various purposes
  • Lack of Real Time Monitoring becomes a big challenge to understand asset health
  • Lack of proper asset register with depreciation value leads to increased TCO
  • Corrosion, Wind-Induced Vibrations and bad weather conditions which requires intensive asset maintenance and assessments
  • Constant field upgrades and reconfigurations with new equipment combined with poor record keeping makes asset management difficult

Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS is a highly sophisticated software system that can provide an overview of mining operations with the status of an individual equipment. DreamzCMMS can track work orders, help with asset management, quickly generate accurate reports, and instantly determine which of their assets require preventive maintenance and notify proactive maintenance with IoT sensor rules.

Key Solutions for Mining Industry

  • Organize equipment in an intuitive hierarchy
  • Assign specific maintenance tasks to specific users
  • Schedule preventive maintenance and be alerted of upcoming PMs
  • View what parts are needed for upcoming tasks so critical inventory is always stocked
  • Access detailed work order histories for assets
  • Set usage-based preventive maintenance triggers for equipment maintenance
  • Record standard operating procedures for assets
  • Use IoT Sensors for Proactive Monitoring
  • Automate incident logging with IoT Rules Setup
  • Use Workflow setup to assign maintenance work orders to technicians

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Key Benefits of DreamzCMMS

  • Efficient asset management module of DreamzCMMS enables maintaining a holistic Asset register
  • Store, access and share asset information including an intuitive hierarchical view of assets.
  • Get Asset information on downtime and maintenance statistics,
  • Get a consolidated view of documentation, video, images, SOP and tasks lists, safety procedures and warranties.
  • Automated creation of Work Orders through scheduled preventive maintenance or nested PMs
  • Complete visibility into maintenance backlog giving you complete insight into maintenance program and resources utilization
  • Work order management to schedule preventive maintenance based on time based or usage-based parameters.
  • Work orders are auto generated based on IoT sensors reading asset data and trigger work orders based conditional monitoring.
  • MRO Inventory management and procurement management for parts and supplies
  • With mobile app, real time information can be accessed, tracked, and managed

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