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Features & Tools

Bring about that change in your maintenance operations today

With DreamzCMMS you can improve the performance of your equipment by scheduling regular maintenance tasks instead of dealing with urgent, unexpected repairs. Take preventive measures and increase equipment life. It lets you create standard workflows for assignments, helps you decide on the next set of actions and a loT.

With DreamzCMMS, you can easily assemble and organise the work orders in a centralized database from anywhere and at any point of time. By using DreamzCMMS you can reduce the workload of your team. This will help to increase the yield and productivity of the organization.

With the Scheduled and Preventive feature of the DreamzCMMS you will be able to maintain your assets in prime condition and extend asset life span. A strong maintenance program performed on a regular basis will save you from unexpected breakdown incurring heavy loss and increases your productivity.

With DreamzCMMS mobile app you will get an overview of all facilities and assets handy. You can view asset details, log work orders and update an asset and work order status from anywhere in real-time. The app allows you to work offline, access assets and work order information offline.

DreamzCMMS being a cloud based solution with microservices and API is flexible in integrations with external applications. You can integrate your existing enterprise solution with DreamzCMMS. This will enable you to have a consolidated view and better control over enterprise resources engaged in maintenance management and operations.

The Procurement Facility Management feature of DreamzCMMS includes functionalities like record keeping of Supply Parts, BOM creation, maintain reorder quantity, generate RFQ, QR Code tagging of supplies & parts and record Purchase invoice. All these with efficient Asset Management and Maintenance Management helps to manage assets efficiently.

With Blockchain you will be able to manage assets in your facility, from work order tracking to life cycle assessments of the assets. With IoT, the Blockchain will be able to record the assets data gathered by the IoT devices in real-time basis for efficient work orders and asset management.

With DreamzCMMS Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Inventory management you can be rest assured to have powerful insight in real-time stock position of your organization. This results in effective cost control as well as adequate supply in your inventory. You can access information from anywhere, anytime about your inventory needs.

With Incident Management functionality of DreamzCMMS, you can keep historical information handy and easily available when required and view equipment incidents, problems and changes in real-time. The incident management software helps to categorize, prioritize and assign the incidents efficiently and offers real-time alerts on status changes of the incidents.

The Business Intelligence dashboard of DreamzCMMS consists of Key Performance Indicators, important business metrics and data points of your organization. BI dashboard contains multiple data visualizations to give you a combined view of relevant KPIs and trends for both operational decision-making and strategic planning pertaining to asset and maintenance management.

Features & Tools

Bring about that change in your maintenance operations today

Asset Hierarchy

Assets inside the CMMS are arranged in a hierarchy which is similar to the way it is organized in real life. The asset hierarchy should be an exact match to the physical location of the assets at your facilities and the assets should be categorized properly for ease of reference.

Create your asset hierarchy in minutes with drag and drop features. Add facilities, equipment, tools and intuitively organize all assets along with easy access to asset history.

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Automated Preventive Maintenance With IoT

DreamzCMMS offers an end to end solution that securely reads IoT sensor data in real time, processes the data and executes a Machine Learning model to understand the threat or necessity of the machine maintenance before it reaches the critical point.

Alerts are triggered automatically to generate work orders and are assigned to the technicians along with SLA .Failure to close the work orders within the due time gets auto-escalated to prevent costly downtime of assets

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A mobile CMMS APP that empowers your maintenance team

A mobile-first CMMS platform that empowers business leads to manage workflows with their frontline teams. This improves communication and maintains history for all activities. Log, view and manage your assigned work orders. You can also respond to and log new problems while your technician is actually working on a problem.

An app that allows you to be on the go with flexible work order management and offline feature. Capture proof of work with customer signature approval of all service requests and issues addressed by the maintenance team.

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RFID Based Management & Blockchain Secured Transaction

Secure your assets with RFID tags and get bulk asset history instantly with a quick RFID scan. Track and trace asset transactions, throughout the entire supply chain cycle and manage inventory efficiently.

Blockchain secured server records all asset transactions which ensure data integrity, minimum errors and reduction in human effort.

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BI Dashboard for instant decision making

An organization, large or small, must optimize its strategic decision making process. Business Insight dashboards provide important data analytics which aids in taking proactive operational and managerial decisions.

Maintenance KPIs provide insights on operational performances at achieving its maintenance goals, like reducing asset downtime or cutting maintenance costs. Take decisions which are driven by actual data with comprehensive reports, and statistics.

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DreamzCMMS Product Overview


DreamzCMMS is connected to some of the best software platforms in the industry

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What makes DreamzCMMS Stand Out

An innovative approach towards EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

Code Tagging
Code Tagging DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Seamless
IoT Integration
IoT Integration DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Secure Blockchain
Asset Logs
Secure Blockchain
Asset Logs DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Nested Preventive
Nested Preventive
Maintenance DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Real time
Asset Valuation
Real time
Asset Valuation DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS AI Based
Rules Engine
AI Based
Rules Engine DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Floor Plan
Asset Tags
Floor Plan
Asset Tags DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Built in
Video Conferencing
Built in
Video Conferencing DreamzCMMS

Top-performing businesses take a Data-driven approach to maintenance that brings great results

See how clients have achieved business benefits using CMMS

Top-performing businesses take a Data-driven approach to maintenance that brings
great results

See how clients have achieved
business benefits using CMMS

Upto 25%

Reduction in
Equipment Downtime

Upto 15%

Increase in

Upto 55%

Reduction in
Maintenance Cost

Upto 55%

Enhancement in
Equipment Life

“DreamzCMMS helped us to achieve ease over daily difficulties we faced mainly for clients like AIRBUS. With DreamzCMMS we can now plan work orders, schedule them, assign them and even track easily. With preventive maintenance we no longer have to worry about missing the upcoming schedules. Parts and Supplies keep track of all and any parts used in maintenance and track the financials for assets as well. We are happy to have a solution like this helping us.”

The Solution has been awarded the “Best innovative RFID Implementation Award 2019” “DreamzCMMS facilitated CBBR, a solution to manage asset rentals and tracking within their own facilities by tagging RFID to each unique item and providing real time locations and traces movement of assets. Schedule maintenance helped us keeping kegs and containers in good shape and reduce losses. Asset Management helped us to scrape kegs and containers and plan procurements.”

“At Liqui Moly, we use DreamzCMMS for Asset Tagging and verification, Asset assessment, Maintenance budgeting and scheduling. We also use in Facilities management with Incidents and Services Request, Work Order Management and other Property services. We are quite happy using it, it’s easy to use and mobile app comes very handy when we are out for inspections and assessments.”

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