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Work Order Management Simplified

Manage, Track and Complete Work Orders like a Pro

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Key Features

Asset Management software to track and maintain assets with less downtime & better productivity

Intensive features of DreamzCMMS, Work order Maintenance

With DreamzCMMS, you can easily assemble and organise the work orders in a centralized database. So it means that you can manage them from anywhere and at any point of time. By using DreamzCMMS you can reduce the workload of your team and utilize their
time more effectively. This helps organizations to improve the productivity of employees.

The Work Order Management Software has intensive features to be useful to cope up with different industries.

  • Create maintenance Work Order manually or thru automated workflows
  • Work Order can be prioritized and assigned to internal team or can be outsourced
  • Scheduled Preventive maintenance
  • Generate and attach checklist to work orders to help technicians
  • Effective tracking of the expense of maintenance and time
  • Technician gets notified on mobile app and update status
  • Graphical Dashboard of maintenance
  • IOT integration automates condition based work order generation

Frequent Challenges Faced by Organizations to maintain asset

Are you tired of managing work orders ? Looking for a faster and an easier way of doing the work while ensuring absolute accuracy?

  • Unavailability of real time work order updates and related notifications which increases downtime
  • Unnecessary maintenance related expense can’t be tracked
  • Lack of accountability may lead to delay in decisions for maintenance or repair
  • Lack of visibility on the entire journey of work order
  • Lack of process for organizing the work orders may lead to delay in maintenance activity which may lead to production failure

Overcome Your Business Challenges With Dreamzcmms

DreamzCMMS gives you the opportunity of automation of work order. Create workflows and it generates work order from a complaint or other means. Create rules for IOT based threshold values and it generates work order. DreamzCMMS
shows the full insight of maintenance. Track your time, expense just in one click and use the performance meter for decision making.

Real Time Dashboards

  • DreamzCMMS provides overview of the maintenance activities
  • Graphical reports of open work orders, assigned work orders, completed work orders
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard which consists of the performance indicators of the work orders
  • View of downtime, delay, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF),
  • Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), breakdowns and expenditure of labors, parts & vendors
  • View of total number of overdue, emergency, open & closed and unassigned work orders

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Grid View of list & Manage Work Orders With Ease

  • Work order software system will enable the facility manager to view the details of the work orders registered in the account
  • Work order software system enables the user to view the work orders for each facility
  • A view of details like, status, assignee, maintenance type, start & end date, priority and details
  • User can edit, delete, print a work order, add notes for the assignee and assign a technician to a work order
  • The work orders are color coded according to the maintenance type

Add Work Orders

  • Users will be able to create work orders and assign those to specific technicians in just few steps
  • Maintenance work order program allows you to create a new work order by providing details like, title, start & end date,
  • Also it can create priority, details, assign technician, asset, location, details and uploading files

Manage Rules For Asset Maintenance Activities

  • Maintenance work order program offers you to set rules for carrying out maintenance for specific assets
  • User can manage details like, type of rule, name of the asset tagged
  • User can manage condition of the asset, location of the asset, status and rule details
  • Utilize the work order software system to create a new checklist and assign an asset to it.
  • Checklist consisting of Tasks will be visible to the technicians providing instructions to carry out the maintenance activity of that asset

View & Manage Checklist For Maintenance

  • Work order software system allows you to view and create checklist for carrying out maintenance activities
  • Assign a checklist to a specific asset
  • You can edit, delete or assign a checklist with an asset
  • Use to add new checklist with few and simple steps

Workflow Automation

  • User can define your workflow for more efficient and automated process
  • User can view the workflows registered to your organization and will be able to edit or delete the same
  • Work order software comes with an option to add a new workflow by defining the conditions, if and then

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