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Banking & Financial Sector Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

Efficient bank facility management software can help banking and financial organizations in optimizing their facilities to achieve better business goals

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Key Features

Several beneficial features and tools that allow facility managers of small, mid-sized, and large banking and financial institutions

Key Features

Several beneficial features and tools that allow facility managers of small, mid-sized, and large banking and financial institutions

Frequent Market Challenges that the Banking sector face everyday

Banking sectors are maintaining a huge count of assets. An efficient CMMS helps each individual department within this sector in appropriate maintenance of their assets within time and on budget

Here some of the pain points to be noted

  • Banks have reactive maintenance or no formal Preventive Maintenance or work management program in place
  • Inefficient Work distribution, Assignment, Monitoring due to lack of preventive maintenance
  • Lack of planning leads to time management issues on asset and maintenance tasks
  • Often unbalanced or high OpEx due to unmanageable inventory movement
  • Inventory and maintenance of Assets in different facilities make businesses lag to align with goals and vision
  • Inaccuracy in maintenance and repair operations (MRO) inventory leads to overstocking / understocking of required parts and supplies
  • Reactive maintenance aims to only correct the issue rather than prevent or identify to take preventive actions for smooth operations
  • Unable to manage work order history for any asset

Benefits Of Using DreamzCMMS for Banking & Financial sector

DreamzCMMS is an Enterprise Asset maintenance management software that records and stores all historical data for assets like work orders history, failures and repair history, related costs, current valuation and remaining life span. All these help in making data driven business decisions for more efficient planning of maintenance, procurement, and replacement needs
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The following benefit features of DreamzCMMS adds value to the overall performance of an institution.

  • Manage maintenance strategies, scheduling, and work in progress
  • Create users and assign roles & responsibilities to maintenance personnels
  • DreamzCMMS helps in assigning maintenance managers and technicians to specific facility and assets
  • Preventive maintenance software enables schedule maintenance, inspections, and automatic creation of work orders from CMMS.
  • Generate and issue work orders for corrective maintenance
  • Review and update scheduled equipment maintenance plans
  • Floor Plan for in-depth details of asset maintenance by location and point in the life cycle
  • IoT Devices for monitoring and reporting incidents, work orders and alerts Proactive and Preventive Maintenance

Why Use DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS can make a significant impact on the way you manage your facilities, staff and working practices, and give you greater control over physical assets and maintenance processes. We’re here to support you through implementing actionable changes to your enterprise, with real benefits that DreamzCMMS can bring to your business. DreamzCMMS maintains information and historical data for all assets and maintenance management life cycle providing several benefits to the banking industry.

Some of the Key Solutions focussed on the Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Save asset maintenance transactions through blockchain which is a 100% valid document in audit or inspection under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Using IoT sensors to generate alert & inspection work orders to responsible people to neutralize or verify the conditions as preventive measures
  • Organized view of facilities, equipment, tools in an intuitive hierarchy
  • Run preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance on your high use and high-risk assets
  • Report and track the numbers of unplanned maintenance jobs registered as defects, incidents and problems
  • QR Code/RFID based tracking of all assets and provides real time information of all assets
  • Maintenance status including work orders status on-the-go from mobile device
  • Powerful floor plan feature to map your assets and equipment on it and shown with interactive icons displayed on floor plans
  • Intelligent dashboards, KPI and reports are automatically generated in real time and are made available to the stakeholders giving maintenance performance insights for better decision making and continuous improvement
  • Enterprise asset management with global depreciation calculation methods giving real time asset valuation and complete view of asset life cycle

Benefits points once again

  • DreamzCMMS provides an intuitive hierarchical view of assets
  • Asset information also includes downtime and maintenance statistics
  • It provides related documentation, video, images, SOP and tasks lists, safety procedures and warranties
  • Automated creation of Work Orders through scheduled preventive maintenance or nested PMs
  • It provides visibility into maintenance backlog giving you complete insight into maintenance program and resources utilization
  • Work order management also includes capabilities to schedule preventive maintenance based on time based or usage-based parameters.
  • Work orders are also auto generated based on IoT sensors reading asset data and trigger work orders based conditional monitoring.
  • Powerful MRO Inventory management and procurement management for parts and supplies which enables banks to manage assets and its maintenance full cycle
  • With DreamzCMMS mobile app, all real time information can be accessed, tracked, and managed while on the move providing flexibility and real time data updates

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Business Benefits Achieved

Business Benefits Achieved

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