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Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management Simplified

Asset Maintenance management system for any Industry to track the performance through Web and Mobile devices

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Key Features

Asset Management software to track and maintain assets with less downtime & better productivity

Key Features

Asset Management software to track and maintain assets with less downtime & better productivity

DreamzCMMS Asset Management

Ensuring asset management with timely maintenance notifications to controlling asset landscape with the help of AI, analytics and much more. Furthermore, it maximizes the utilization of assets during the entire lifetime of the assets, increases uptime productivity and reduces operational costs.

How Asset Management Software becomes the Ultimate Stepping Stone to Success!!!

  • Identify Asset with QR Code/RFID
  • IOT sensors for tracking and conditional maintenance
  • Blockchain Secured Asset Logs
  • Technician Mobile app
  • Multiple Depreciation Method support
  • Asset Rotation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Seamless Integrations

Frequent Challenges Faced by different Organization to maintain asset

Managing tedious paperwork, delay in retrieving breakdown information of critical assets, reliability and information accessibility are key factors pulling down the performance of your business.

  • Maintaining asset related information incur additional expenses
  • Less productivity due to machine breakdown, repairs replacements
  • management overhead due to improper record keeping
  • Unnecessary maintenance expense
  • Wrong and inaccurate data may lead to unmaintained assets, loss of assets and wrong decision making

Overcome Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS Asset Management offers versatile solutions for any industry to manage assets optimally and effectively. It is the goal of every enterprise to maximise efficiency by ensuring complete utilisation of resources. DreamzCMMS offer solutions that help in achieving effective Asset management ensuring optimal utilisation of the Assets, maximize uptime and reducing costs

Asset Maintenance for Manufacturing

  • Maintain all the high value equipment at ease and earn better production performance
  • Get the analytical KPI Dashboard report and depreciation values of asset for budgeting
  • Automatic workflow sends notification to technicians so that issues can be resolved faster
  • Seamless Integration with IoT sensors and other ERP

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Fleet Asset Management and Maintenance

  • Keep tracking of Vehicles data like purchase information, images, warranty documents etc
  • IoT sensors can be integrated with vehicle meter reading that helps in preventive maintenance
  • Depreciated data can be useful for future planning
  • Secured record keeping with blockchain and get useful documents for audit or inspection

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Asset Management for Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector

  • It enables users to work in accordance with complex regulatory requirements
  • These systems track and trace the mobile assets and equipment involved in the process
  • Remotely control and monitor all utility appliances status & conditions
  • Reduce Hospital & health care equipment breakdown which is dangerous for a patient
  • Monitor everyday maintenance tasks of a hospital

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Waste Plant Management with Asset Maintenance

  • Maintain required regulatory and governmental standards
  • It helps in maintaining the assets for maximization their usage
  • Incorporate minimum threshold values beyond which maintenance becomes essential
  • Get alert you so that the equipment don’t go out of order

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Public Utility Industry with Asset Maintenance

  • Asset Management in public utilities improves asset life span and productivity
  • It reduces the maintenance cost
  • Asset Management facilitates avoidance of accidents by effectively maintaining the tools
  • System provide quick notification using IOT workflow to avoid any mishaps

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Food processing Industry with Asset Maintenance

  • In food processing industry, any equipment breakdown causes a huge loss
  • Preventive maintenance of equipments saves the loss of production day
  • Asset Maintenance helps the farmers to maintain their equipments
  • IoT sensors help in sending soil parameter threshold values to create work order

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Business Benefits Achieved

Other Industries Covered

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Hospital & Healthcare

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Data Center

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Parks & Entertainment

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