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12 benefits of having a CMMS

Published On December 15, 2021     |     5 Min Read

12 benefits of DreamzCMMS

Computerized maintenance management system is gaining importance and is no longer considered as an exception. Business enterprises are now getting ready to get the benefits of CMMS with Industry 4.0 using Industrial IoT, AI, ML, and Blockchain. Very less than half of the current manufacturing facilities use simple spreadsheets or manage maintenance through manual processes like paper files or clipboards.

The importance of incorporating CMMS software lies in the manifold benefits it brings along. Let us go through them one by one to get a clear picture.

Improved Asset Reliability:

Assets are called reliable when they perform to their optimum performance for the production. For instance, it can be a manufacturing asset like a conveyor or a forklift in logistics. With a CMMS, you don’t need to keep a track of schedules of preventive maintenance by ad hoc record keeping or memory. The maintenance scheduling is on a recurring basis by the CMMS to ensure that you have your resources working optimally always and get the benefits.

Asset information and visibility:

The maintenance managers have easy access to the centralized information of the CMMS database. They can instantly fetch reports like purchase date, maintenance performed, parts used, frequency of breakdown, efficiency rating etc.

Effective reduction of repair costs:

Experience a much advanced and effective maintenance practice for all your assets with CMMS. This will surely mean less breakdowns, very few instances of major equipment malfunction, extended time between repairs, extending overall longevity of all assets. All of which will sum up to less expensive or reduced repair costs. This can be one of the major benefits of CMMS

Reduced downtime:

Use CMMS data for effective maintenance scheduling and tasking by assuring that the right parts are available. CMMS software effectively schedules preventive maintenance by making sure that maintenance happens when it should. Thus, using a computerized maintenance management system will effectively reduce downtime occurring due to equipment failure.

Easy and efficient workflow:

Work request portal of a CMMS allows the maintenance managers and their workforce to accept and process maintenance requests easily. Through the request portal the managers can create work orders and prioritize them, thereby streamlining the entire workflow. Dashboards and visualizations help the maintenance team to quickly locate an asset, who should work on it and what it needs. They can also monitor progress and status virtually.

Streamlined MRO Inventory:

For inventory management, using CMMS will help you to promptly track the cost of spare parts and run reports based on the data. This will help in optimizing parts usage and ordering. Record keeping process can be simplified for compliance audits with the help of CMMS software. This is by keeping the critical materials at an easily reachable place.

Automation of manual tasks:

Manual tasks such as restocking MRO inventory, ordering parts, assigning tasks to a technician or a team, and other maintenance operations duties can all be automated saving time. Furthermore, it can improve productivity, reduce errors, and shift focus from administrative duties to maintenance.

Enabling Preventive Maintenance:

CMMS data collection helps to shift gear from reactive to proactive approach of maintenance operations. This can lead to a well-developed and advanced asset management plan. CMMS data derived from daily activities, IoT instrumentation, meters and sensors can offer better understanding about assets. It can also suggest better preventive measures and offer alerts before assets underperform or fail.

WellManaged Field workforces :

Overcome the complex and costly affair of managing the internal and external workforces. You can now cost-effectively organize external partnerships and unify internal teams. CMMS and EAM solutions can offer great mobility, connectivity, blockchain, and augmented reality to renovate operations in the field.

Efficient Documentation and History:

CMMS can store repair manuals, documentations, maintenance procedures associated with respective assets. Storing and maintaining this knowledge can develop consistency in workmanship and performance. This knowledge can then be transferred to new technicians who replace the retiring personnel.

Adhere to Compliance:

Asset-intensive businesses or Maintenance Operations can be disrupted by compliance audits. However, with CMMS data can preparing for audit reports becomes extremely easy by generating reports and responses customized to the audit’s demands.

Reduce risk by increasing safety:

Unreliable and disordered equipment can be a threat to the operators and other staff working on them. A CMMS system can lower the risk factor and increase the safety by checking that the machines are working within acceptable range. It will also confirm that all safety components and features are in good operational mode. To top it all, a CMMS system will also enable risk management, work permit management, legislative compliance, safety measure management and many more.

The bottom line

A drastic evolution in maintenance management has been witnessed over the past few years. And the experiences accumulate the clear understanding of the fact that preventive maintenance can increase productivity. Also It can extend asset useful life, reduce repair costs and increase overall efficiency that can never be achievable by reactive maintenance.

Today, maintenance teams everywhere face huge pressure to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximize ROA while maintaining positive employee morale at the same time. This is where CMMS comes into the picture. With just a few clicks on the CMMS software, you can organise, track, schedule, and optimize your maintenance strategies all at one place.

This blog gives you a deeper insight of how cloud-based CMMS software can be important and beneficial for your maintenance protocols.

DreamzCMMS helps businesses streamline their maintenance operations by tracking equipment, inventory and labor to enjoy the full benefits of CMMS. Staff can manage work orders and develop preventive and predictive maintenance programs. DreamzCMMS can also help to reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs, as well as improve asset life.

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