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Interactive Floor Plan – Great Aid to Locate Asset

Published On January 14, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Asset tracking with floor plan Dreamzcmms

Are you a Maintenance  manager or a Technician? Do you need to track the assets across various sections, floors and buildings ? At times, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the equipment, tools, parts and important areas in a maintenance management software. Even when you have a robust CMMS with you, there can be various challenges related to identifying an asset that needs maintenance or to locate an emergency exit etc. Finding the actual location of equipment remotely was really very hard. Interactive floor plans can be very useful in this regard. Find out about various advantages of having interactive floor plan for the purpose of maintenance management.

Tracking equipment and assets

When you have interactive floor plans, it can be easy to get a digital view of every section a facility. You can navigate rooms and find out how various equipment are put across the floor, with the aid of interactive icons. It can also be easier to find out about the location of machines without any need to walk through the whole building or floor. You can use an interactive floor plan to filter your view according to specific criteria. 

Spot and troubleshoot problems

In an interactive floor plan, each equipment can be pinpointed on a floor with specific color coding. These equipment are mapped with maintenance work orders as required. From this interactive floor plan, anyone can locate equipment that is required to be serviced through a maintenance work order. Not only equipment, system can map any other tools, parts or utilities located in the floor through interactive floor plan. Emergency exit and other important areas on the floor can also be pinpointed and with access to the floor plan, anyone can locate these remotely. This enables any technician to spot and troubleshoot an equipment and also helps people during an hour of emergency. 

In a few facilities, it often happens that technicians need to work on particular equipment located in obscure spots or in the midst of identical units which makes them difficult to find out. Floor plan icons are put in correspondence with the actual location of the equipment on the facility. There is an icon for each and every unit. Thus, technicians can locate equipment and complete the work orders by attending to the exact related unit. There is no error about which equipment unit should be worked on. Facility layout can also be managed easily by admin users from their account.

Work orders mapped to an asset can be viewed easily from an interactive floor plan. Finding asset information and managing the same can get much easier. A top-down view of each and every facility section, be easier to navigate. It helps to know, which area needs maintenance and where it is a priority to shift attention to. With interactive icons, it can be easier to identify, navigate and manage equipment and work orders for every user.

Locating Emergency Areas 

Interactive Floor plans lets users define important and emergency areas on a floor. This helps in quickly identifying an important area like emergency exit, act quickly and share information with concerned people in that floor in seconds to lower risk during an emergency event.

With the help of interactive floor plans accessible from any mobile device, evacuation plans, life safety measures and action plans can be shared with concerned people directly. This enables shutting of power sources or water lines immediately in an emergency situation to avoid further damages and reducing the Risks.

With DreamzCMMS Interactive Floor plan, maintenance operations become easier and provide a great way for safety measures.


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