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Asset & Maintenance Management Using Secured Blockchain Simplified

Blockchain decentralization technology and privacy protocols offer with regard to securing data access, auditing and managing transactions

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Key Features

Blockchain Security helps in efficient monitoring of assets and their maintenance activities through secured logs

Achieve Transparency & Resilience Using Blockchain Security

The Blockchain Security provided by DreamzCMMS allows you to form a system which consists of the technology and processes of third-party providers and internal systems, revolving around a single source of data for the asset management activities.

Check out how Blockchain Security offered by DreamzCMMS can help your business gain efficiency.

  • Single Source Of Shared Data & Secured System
  • Monitor Assets Work Orders To Life Cycle Assessments
  • Review Stored Data, When Maintained By Separate Entities
  • Record Data From IoT Devices Regarding The Assets
  • Record Data Like, Asset Transfers & Asset Digitizations
  • Streamline Processes By Removing Manual Process Of Data Entry

Frequent Challenges Faced by Management Teams

Managing tedious paperwork, delay in retrieving critical assets information, poor asset tracking and important information accessibility are key factors pulling down the performance of your business.

  • Manual tracking methods of the assets using sheets is time-consuming and human error-prone
  • Manual data entry is error-prone leads to inaccurate data and financial loss
  • Manual tracking of the work orders with manual processes is tedious and not secure
  • Manual tracking is erroneous and can have a chance of theft
  • Controlling the loss of parts and assets requires proper tracking which is impossible in a manual process

Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS Blockchain Security includes efficient record keeping ability of all assets transactions in real time. The Blockchain Hyperledger will help you to record asset movement tracking, work orders in the assets, parts supplies
for the assets,And incidents related to the assets. All this information in the secured Blockchain will help you take effective business decisions.

Blockchain Based RFID Asset Tracking

  • Helps to identify the assets and their life journey via RFID tags on them
  • View asset version change as Blockchain nodes considering the industry standards and immunitibility of the data
  • You can scan the RFID tags on the assets to view their details
  • Store the details of the asset movements and tracking into the Blockchain nodes via RFID scanning

Blockchain Based Asset Management

  • Blockchain Hyperledger based asset management helps to manage assets efficiently and securely
  • View all the transactional details of the assets along with current status and the work orders

Business Benefits Achieved

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