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Asset, Maintenance & Inventory Management Simplified

Intelligent reporting capabilities and easier workflows in Parts and Inventory Management software for efficient business execution

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Key Features

Ensures stock fulfillment at right place and right time to avoid over or under stocking with Inventory Maintenance Management Software

Key Features

Ensures stock fulfillment at right place and right time to avoid over or under stocking with Inventory Maintenance Management Software

Real-Time Stock Position Using Inventory Management Software

The Inventory Management Software of DreamzCMMS has functionalities like record-keeping of Supply Parts, BOM creation, maintaining reorder quantity, generating RFQ, QR Code tagging of parts and record Purchase invoices. All these amalgamated with efficient
Asset Management and Maintenance life cycle management functionality helps for efficient maintenance management of your organization.
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Check out how installing the inventory management software of DreamzCMMS can help your business gain efficiency.

  • Parts & Supplies Management
  • Stock Adjustment
  • End To End Procurement Tracking
  • Stock Get In Progress Through RFID Scanner App
  • Real-Time Stock Checking
  • Inventory Cycle Count
  • Vendor Management
  • Cloud Software Access From Anywhere

Frequent Challenges Faced by Inventory Management Teams

Managing tedious paperwork, delay in retrieving information of inventory stocks, insecure manual processes and information accessibility are key factors pulling down the performance of your business.

  • Manual Tracking of parts in inventory using sheets is time-consuming and human error-prone
  • Inaccurate data due to manual entry leads to an erroneous decision
  • Time loss, reduction in efficiency and additional cost to business due to inability to find relevant documents maintained manually
  • Little or inadequate information about the inventory
  • Manual tracking of stocks may be erroneous and theft-prone causing fewer stocks in hand
  • Managing the supplies manually is tedious and unsecured process and it doesn’t easily scale across multiple warehouses with lots of stock

Overcome Your Maintenance Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS provides Parts and Inventory Management with best in class resources and stock management. It ensures stock fulfilment at the right place and right time avoiding over or understocking. Efficient stock management leads to increased productivity and reduced cost of operation.

Inventory Management Features

  • Guarantee predictable documentation with standardized identifications (QR codes)
  • Lessen personnel time with precise parts amounts
  • A well-organised stock check for all stock requirements
  • Improve on buy orders and stay away from stock-outs
  • Business insight to lessen parts costs
  • Access part data from any place

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Purchasing Features

  • Replenish parts and supplies based on set reorder level when supplies fall underneath that edge
  • Effectively submit, endorse, and send buy demands, POs, RFQs and RFPs to sellers
  • Efficient procurement features like RFQ comparison, split purchase orders and multi-locations shipments
  • Store merchant contracts, rate sheets, guarantees, and declarations of protection in a focal data set

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Organizing Features

  • Improve stock levels by performing cycle checks
  • Stocks management across facilities and locales enables to make decisions to arrange supplies across facilities
  • Scanning QR codes to discover BOM for work orders and to figure out availability and location of required parts
  • Create a Bill Of Materials (BOM) which is easily available in Technicians app on a mobile device

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Reporting & Tracking Features

  • Quest for parts and supplies by type, make, model, cost, area, and more
  • Connection receipts to resources and work requests to ascertain the amount spending on stock
  • Efficient tracking of stocks to ensure avoidance of over or under stocking and availability at right time

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Business Benefits Achieved

Global players rely on DreamzCMMS to run their Asset Management & Maintenance Operations

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Other Industries Covered

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Hospital & Healthcare

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Data Center

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