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Manufacturing Industry Asset and Maintenance Management Simplified

Use DreamzCMMS to maximise your manufacturing asset utilization, reduce maintenance cost and improve productivity

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Key Features

DreamzCMMS having number of features to help Manufacturers of Modern times to manage their production efficiently.

Key Features

DreamzCMMS having number of features to help Manufacturers of Modern times to manage their production efficiently.

Uses of DreamzCMMS in Manufacturing Industry

Using DreamzCMMS you can manage all the manufacturing equipment, tools and spare parts. Schedule maintenance, assign technicians either manually or using workflow. It has incident management to raise problems or change requests through the system. You can save the downtime losses.

Benefits of DreamzCMMS in Manufacturing Industry

  • Avoid Risks of untimely breakdown
  • Improves asset life span
  • Effective Spare Parts Inventory Management
  • Preventive Maintenance triggers
  • Maintenance Checklist for Technicians
  • Job automation thru IOT integration with Asset
  • Analytical Report for Management team
  • Maintenance tracking thru Mobile App

How does Industry 4.0 enabled DreamzCMMS help to design smarter and more effective processes?

DreamzCMMS is having features as per modernized industry process

  • Real-time condition monitoring using IoT
  • Machine and sensor data is recorded and displayed in real time, providing the basis for real-time condition monitoring.
  • Flexible evaluation and analysis
  • The maintenance team can create rules such that defined machine parameters trigger notice of upcoming maintenance.
  • Using workflow, for an upcoming maintenance task based on the preset parameters, maintenance tasks can be forwarded quickly and specifically to the right team member.

Overcome Your Maintenance Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS helps the Manufacturing Industry to manage and maintain both assets and manpower, schedule preventive maintenance tasks, track inventory, maintain asset hierarchy and even safety of all your assets

Tackles all your security and safety concerns with Blockchain & IoT

  • Work Order Count Chart
  • Maintenance Summary
  • Parts Usage History
  • Employee Hours
  • Work Orders List Report
  • Work Order Graph Report
  • Technician wise Work Order
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance
  • Site Asset & SM Summary
  • All Work Orders Detail Report
  • Open Work Orders Detail Report
  • Overdue Work Orders Detail Report
  • Shift Report
  • Open PM Work Orders List Report
  • Closed Work Orders Detail Report
  • Closed Work Orders With Completion Notes

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Prevents the breakdown of the equipment and increase productivity by scheduling preventive maintenance

  • The preventive maintenance (PM) is planned and scheduled at regular intervals based on time or usage or both
  • PM can be rescheduled in two ways either on a completion date or at a specified time interval
  • Proactive maintenance in manufacturing, helps in extending the life of an asset and ensures full utilisation of an asset
  • Track operations and maintenance from anywhere from any device.
  • Get notified on actions or events based on priority instead of constantly having to monitor.
  • Rotate machines or equipment timely to ensure uninterrupted and smooth production operations

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Lowers the cost of maintenance in manufacturing and maximizes the uptime

  • Use of DreamzCMMS schedule maintenance tool helps companies to reduce additional maintenance costs leading to increased productivity in manufacturing
  • Ensure that the maintenance program works flexibly by attaching parts BOM and making every part accounted for
  • Preventive Maintenance that can be triggered based on time or usage parameters which will take the action to a maintenance work order
  • CMMS Survey Report of 2018 reports that when companies invest in Proactive maintenance; it could save around 12 to 18% in overall O&M Cost

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Ensuring consistent and customized preventive maintenance in Manufacturing Business

  • DreamzCMMS provides you with a customized schedule maintenance tool to create a schedule as per your operational needs
  • Provision to Apply a Standard Operating Procedure through checklist on the work order taking place periodically to ensure right maintenance activity is performed
  • To prevent equipment failures, major inspection works can be scheduled to avoid safety hazards
  • Scheduled maintenance generates consistent work orders at regular intervals ensuring optimized performance of an asset

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Making smart decisions and run down reports for preventive maintenance

  • Data driven maintenance reports are leveraged to build an effective Preventive maintenance plan
  • Report analytics helps in achieving maintenance compliance and the work order aging for the better approach towards our customers
  • Online/Offline feature enables to change the status of an asset and track availability, MTTR, and MTBF

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CMMS software features on your mobile phones

  • Generate work orders which are available on technician’s mobile app enabling the team to be effective while they are on the Go
  • Track technician’s activities from their mobile device. Also you prioritized planned maintenance tasks regularly
  • Supports offline mode, you can work even when you’re not using the internet. Also sync it later when you have access to the internet

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