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Power Plant Asset & Maintenance Management Simplified

Reduce the Cost of Maintenance with Scheduled and Preventive Maintenance with Proactive Monitoring

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Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

Key Features

Ensure scheduled maintenance of your assets to avoid downtimes and failures with DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS for Power Plants

Power Plants need a zero-error environment, and are subject to stringent regulations and controls. The management and maintenance standards that they must meet are non-negotiable because of the risks involved.
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DreamzCMMS can help them meet the required maintenance regulations and achieve their targeted levels of efficiency, power output, compliance, and safety performance.

  • Maintaining documentation about the plant’s maintenance procedures
  • Developing and making sure personnel adhere to preventive maintenance schedules
  • Preparing reporting and sharing it with stakeholders at the plant
  • Maintain stock of parts and supplies required for maintenance
  • Schedule and Preventive maintenance at the plant
  • Ensuring that inspections and maintenance are being conducted in compliance with industry standards
  • Routine inspections help ensure that all the assets used in a plant’s processes are in good working order
  • Meet the procurement needs of equipments, parts and supplies

Frequent Maintenance Challenges in Mining Industry

All equipment, parts and supplies can be tracked through QR Code and RFID tags enabling Optimized stock management and Easy stock control.

  • Disjoined platforms for monitoring data provided by individual machines
  • Difficulty to ascertain reliability and integrity of data provided by machines and robotic equipment
  • Delivering adequate power while meeting regulations and maintaining efficiency with ageing equipment
  • Difficulty in information exchange among departments and systems
  • Lack of pictorial representation of data leading to slower decision making process
  • Manual, constant monitoring of machines meant incurring unnecessary cost
  • Use IoT Devices for monitoring and reporting incidents, work orders and alerts
  • Ongoing cost in regulatory compliance and reporting

Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

Run maintenance work orders across your assets, machinery, and buildings and have facilities and machinery trigger work orders automatically through usage metering events – conditions and usage. DreamzCMMS maintenance mobile app offers maintenance management that’s always within reach anytime, anywhere.

Key Solutions for Power Plants

  • Optimize Asset Reliability, Operating Capacity, Plant Load Factor (PLF) and efficiency rating
  • Schedule inspection of critical operations and maintenance systems
  • Organize equipment in an intuitive hierarchy
  • Schedule preventive maintenance and be alerted of upcoming PMs
  • RAccess detailed work order histories for assets
  • View what parts are needed for upcoming tasks so critical inventory is always stocked
  • Set usage-based preventive maintenance triggers for equipment maintenance
  • Ensure best practices and standard operating procedures using Task Group and Checklist
  • Associate maintenance costs across several cost centers like spare parts inventory and labor
  • Create Task Groups based on required statutory compliance and link with asset / equipment PM and assign
  • Control over procurement and inventory for better stock utilization
  • Complete visibility over asset life cycle and availability of real time depreciation
  • Get real time monitoring and control from anywhere in the facility using Mobile App.

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Key Benefits of DreamzCMMS

  • Assure safe, effective and clean power generation operations
  • Meet regulatory and compliance standards through effective maintenance recordkeeping
  • Extend asset useful life utilized in power generation
  • Set IoT Rules and Workflow for automating incident logging and maintenance tasks allocation
  • Improved asset performance, reduce downtime, and track the health of critical assets
  • Use Blockchain for keeping immutable records shared with stakeholders bringing transparency and trust
  • The solution also facilitates the option to control machines from a user interface

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