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Inventory & Parts Management Simplified

Association of parts with assets as Bill of Materials (BOM) to provide holistic Inventory and Parts Management solution

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Key Features

Inventory Parts Management Software helps in growing your business with efficient tracking of parts and Inventory within your organisation

Boost Productivity Using Inventory & Parts Management Software

The Inventory & Parts Management Software of DreamzCMMS offers Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) inventory management and tracking tools, to manage and track inventory across multiple locations with help of RFID / QR Code tagging.

Check out how installing the inventory and parts management software of DreamzCMMS can help your business gain efficiency.

  • Purchase Request For Equipment, Tools Or Supply Parts
  • Purchase Order & Split Purchase Order Generation
  • Hierarchical View Of Facility Wise Equipment Or Supply Parts
  • Set Parts Reorder Quantity To Initiate Purchase Alert
  • Data-Driven Maintenance Expense For Relevant Financial Reporting
  • Intelligent Asset & Parts Inventory Dashboard
  • Vendor Creation And Add To Preference With Parts & Supply
  • Request For Quote (RFQ), Quotation Receive & Quotation Comparison
  • Equipment Or Parts Allocation & Current Stock Reporting
  • Realtime Finding Of An Equipment Or Supply Part Using QR Code
  • Supply Parts Consumption For Work Order Process
  • Secured Asset Inventory Logs With Blockchain
  • IoT Devices-Based Maintenance Management

Frequent Challenges Faced by Inventory & Parts Management Teams

Managing tedious paperwork, delay in retrieving inventory parts information, poor inventory tracking and important information accessibility are key factors pulling down the performance of your business.

  • Manual tracking methods of parts in the inventory using sheets is time-consuming and human error-prone
  • Manual data entry for inventory tracking is error-prone leading to inaccurate data and financial loss
  • Managing supplies with manual processes is tedious and not secure and do not easily scale across multiple warehouses
  • Manual tracking of stocks is erroneous and can have a chance of theft
  • Controlling the loss of parts requires proper tracking of the parts in the inventory which is impossible in a manual process

Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS Inventory and Parts Management software includes efficient inventory management of assets, supplies and parts. It has an efficient real time tracking module along with the entire purchase cycle which is closely linked
to the Inventory to ensure avoidance of over or under stock at any point in time helping you to manage your inventory with ease effortlessly.

Inventory & Parts Management Dashboard For Quick Overview

  • Assets and Parts dashboard provides real time, quick insight into the status of the inventory
  • View total number of parts, total number of inactive parts, total stock of parts, vendors details and parts need to be ordered

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Manage Parts & Supplies To The Inventory With Ease

  • View and manage the parts details like name, details, category, price, status and available quantity
  • Edit and delete a part in the inventory
  • Simple to register a part in the inventory
  • Assigning the part with an RFID tag for easy tracking and identification
  • Export the details of the parts and add a purchase order for a part

Efficiently Manage Suppliers/Vendors At Your Fingertip

  • Helps to view, add and manage all part suppliers/vendors in one place
  • For each vendor view details like company name, name, phone number, email id and status
  • Add a new vendor to the system by providing simple details
  • Edit and delete a vendor in the system

Effectively Perform Stock Adjustment

  • Helps to perform the stock adjustment and to maintain stock levels in the inventorys
  • View details of the stock adjustment which are already performed
  • View and download the stock adjustment detailses
  • Delete stock adjustment details when not necessary

Adjust Inventory Cycle Count Efficiently

  • Perform inventory count process efficiently by selecting a location and providing stock of the part count details.
  • View the details of the inventory cycle count in past

Business Benefits Achieved

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