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Energy & Resources Asset and Maintenance Management Simplified

Reduce risks, save costs and stay organized with our Energy and Resource Maintenance Management CMMS Software

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Key Features

Some of the features that make the Logistics and Transportation Process more easy using DreamzCMMS

Key Features

Some of the features that make the Logistics and Transportation Process more easy using DreamzCMMS

How Energy & Resources Industry can overcome daily challenges

DreamzCMMS is an Enterprise Asset Management Software with a subset of maintenance management that helps maintain asset data and meet regulatory requirements. The maintenance software allows effective preventive maintenance on equipment, grounds and entire facilities
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Some of the benefit points to achieve better maintenance

  • Keep Asset data such as purchase records, current valuation after depreciation, warranty etc handy
  • Bring transparency with improved team coordination and communication through task checklist
  • Effective Spare Parts stock Inventory Management
  • Reorder Quantity notification and BOM creation helps in proper supply parts management
  • Automation in Maintenance using IOT integration with Assets
  • Analytical Report for Management team

How DreamzCMMS Helps Energy and Resources Industry

One of the key areas where CMMS/ EAM systems are being used effectively are associated with spare parts management, labor and cost tracking, identification of potential redesign or reengineering opportunities, a repository for equipment manuals and drawings, asset hierarchies.
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All the important points can summarized in the following way

  • A number of high value equipment are used in the upstream process. DreamzCMMS provides Preventive maintenance to save from sudden downtime
  • DreamzCMMS makes ease in daily process by providing

    • low-spare-parts alerts
    • Recording of equipment repair history
    • warranty tracking
    • asset condition trends

    The result is reduced downtime, prolonged asset lifespans and monetary savings.

  • Using DreamzCMMS IOT sensors can be attached with the asset equipment and any threshold value variation, it can generate work order as per the added rules in application.
  • DreamzCMMS allows better control of the procurement process by

    • spare parts procurement
    • vendor management
    • purchasing
    • stocking and issuing of parts.

    tasks can be forwarded quickly and specifically to the right team member.

More Approaches To Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

A tailored CMMS system is indispensable if your mining operations employ drills, bulldozers, excavators, sluices, explosives inventory to name a few. It automates maintenance and work allocation while creating a communication channel between stages of mining. With an apt software like DreamzCMMS you can expedite processes, ensure zero blockage and gain millions.

Checklist and Standard Operating Procedures

  • DreamzCMMS software can be used to create, schedule, perform, and record a wide variety of inspections
  • The records serve as evidence of compliance, because of the system’s ability to upload related documents such as checklists, images, and step-by-step procedures
  • It validates that interventions were correctly executed

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Ensuring consistent and customized maintenance

  • DreamzCMMS provides you with a customized schedule maintenance tool that can be used to create a schedule as per your operational needs
  • To prevent equipment failures, major inspection works can be scheduled to avoid safety hazards
  • Scheduled maintenance generates consistent work orders at regular intervals ensuring optimized performance of an asset

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Making smart decisions and run down reports for maintenance

  • Data driven maintenance reports are leveraged to build an effective Preventive maintenance plan
  • Report analytics helps in achieving maintenance compliance
  • Also helps in work order aging for the better approach towards our customers
  • Asset Maintenance Analytical Reports like MTTR , MTBF, KPI are available

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DreamzCMMS software features on your mobile phones

  • Maintenance plans generate work orders which are available on technician’s mobile app notifying the team to be effective while they are outside the plant
  • Users can see the list of assets, work orders, supply parts etc.
  • Technician can add request/ problems and if required can reject the work order assigned to him/her
  • Supporting offline mode, you can work even when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • You can get access to the app and still be able to use it and then sync it later when you have access to the internet

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Business Benefits Achieved

Other Industries Covered

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