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EAM Software Simplified

Asset Maintenance Management Software aiding in keeping track of performance for various industries through Web and Mobile devices

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Key Features

Asset Management software to track and maintain assets with less downtime & better productivity

DreamzCMMS Asset Management software features that benefits industries

When an asset needs to be repaired, simply scan its QR code to retrieve relevant details. Manage asset maintenance on the go with our mobile app. You can even work offline to complete assigned tasks, such as recording time on tasks and parts used. App
will sync the data once back online automatically or can be synced manually.

The Asset Management Software has intensive features to be useful to cope up with different industries.

  • Optimal Asset performance
  • Asset Warranty Tracking
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Asset Performance Report
  • Effective tracking of Assets
  • Asset RFID/QR Code based tracking
  • Blockchain Security
  • Intelligent data driven reporting

Frequent Challenges Faced by different Organization to maintain asset

Manual paperwork or working in spreadsheets causes the delay in retrieving breakdown information of critical assets. Also reaching technicians realtime is not always possible.

  • Manually tracking and identifying large number of assets across locations makes the job difficult and error prone
  • Unnecessary maintenance related expense happens due to suboptimal maintenance management activity
  • Conditions of the assets and need of maintenance when tracked manually make the job more difficult
  • Availability of real-time valuation of assets based on depreciation

Overcome Your Business Challenges With DreamzCMMS

DreamzCMMS gives you the opportunity to manage assets within the solution with globally supported depreciation methods like Straight line, diminishing value and others. And also interactive floor plan to define, identify and locate
assets, data driven intelligent reporting. As well as it includes QR code/RFID based tracking, IoT driven maintenance, Blockchain security etc.

View Intuitive Assets Management Dashboard

  • Get an overview of all your assets at your fingertip
  • View a glimpse of total number of assets, meter readings, expired warranties and online/offline assets
  • View real-time graphs and charts based on asset class, groups, warranties, products tagged and facilities assigned
  • Asset Performance Report
  • Real time Data driven Asset Dashboard leads to effective Asset Maintenance and tracking.

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View & Manage Assets At Your Fingertip

  • View equipment details in tabs like, general, scheduler, preferred vendor, checklist, financials, log etc.
  • Offers asset owners to edit details of an asset and delete an asset from the system
  • Create work orders for the asset maintenance
  • Allows you to create purchase orders directly from here
  • Track your assets in real-time basis

View & Manage Location of The Assets

  • It enables users to work in accordance with complex regulatory requirements
  • DreamzCMMS brings you the powerful feature to find and tag assets and equipment to a point of installation or placement on the floor plan of a facility.
  • O&M can upload the floor plan in 2D view and start tagging assets or equipment in an interactive way.
  • View exact location of the asset along with name of the facility, latitude and longitude tagged over the map
  • Allow to move assets to other facility

Add Assets

  • Add assets by filling up a simple form with details like, name & general details, facility location
  • Monitor everyday maintenance tasks of a hospital.
  • Adding maintenance scheduler, parts details, checklist for maintenance
  • Add multiple assets at a time by uploading a .csv file with information in prescribed format.

Print Asset Tags easily

  • Asset Tracking with RFID is an excellent feature of DreamzCMMS Asset management software
  • Want to print QR code for the assets, you can do it in seconds
  • Select the assets, you want to print tags, then hit the button to print tags and give your asset an appropriate identity

Tag With IoT Devices

  • IOT sensor integration with Asset for auto tracking provides you an edge in Asset tracking and maintenance
  • Connect and tag your assets with IoT devices to get real-time reports and maintenance alerts
  • View details of the IoT devices tagged to your assets and their threshold parameters and description
  • On request, the IoT devices will be integrated with the DreamzCMMS
  • The user will assign the assets with the corresponding IoT devices

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