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CMMS to improve maintenance in logistics and transport industry

Published On March 4, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Preventive Maintenance in Transport Industry

Logistic managers will soon realize the importance of preventive maintenance in the logistics and transport industry. Freight cannot move if cargo planes don’t fly. Trucks cannot stand still. During downtime, Ships cannot deliver goods. Stagnant conveyor belts cannot convey goods. Thus, preventive maintenance through a computerized maintenance management system is the best solution to have your transport business rolling always.

Major problems in logistics and transport industry

Unplanned breakdowns can severely affect the working of the logistics and transportation industry. Equipment downtime can result in major inconvenience. Vehicles and machines generally fail due to lack or delayed maintenance. CMMS can help to control this problem by generating equipment repair history reports, low spare-part alerts, tracking warranty and asset condition. As a result, you will experience prolonged asset lifespan, reduced downtime and save money.

Lack of people trained in using the software is a major setback of this industry. Improvement in this area can only bring about the effective result of implementing CMMS.

Let us focus on the importance of CMMS in the logistics and transport industry

  • Schedules preventive maintenance of your assets such as vehicles, equipment and devices
  • Reduces downtime by generating Scheduled Maintenance Work Orders
  • Streamlined asset data such as purchase date, warranty information, current valuation
  • Tracking and planning employee availability to improve productivity
  • Receive real time data with GPS vehicle tracking system
  • Transparency triggers improved team collaboration and coordination
  • Enhanced spare part and inventory management
  • Timely audits for professional and regulatory certificates of assets
  • Improved Vehicle lifespan and better performance

The benefits of using CMMS transportation maintenance management software

Reasons for opting DreamzCMMS

  • Customizable and easy to use: It is a combination of enterprise functionality with the ease of use feature. Although DreamzCMMS is loaded with powerful features, the simplicity in learning and using it makes it stand apart. The aim is to make your work easier as well as increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Ease of access from anywhere anytime through mobile devices: The mobile CMMS app helps to increase the functionality, performance and stability. You can now effortlessly scan QR codes and barcodes with the in-built camera of your mobile devices. Manage maintenance on the go with an unmatched mobile CMMS app.
  • Flexible subscription process: The subscription process is flexible. There is a FREE 30 Day Trial available on Offer to help you better understand the benefits of DreamzCMMS.

It is important to understand that efficient inventory management and longer lifespan of  vehicles are the cost motivators of the logistics and transportation industry. To know how to improve these major motivators, get in touch with us today.


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