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Utilizing CMMS for Construction

Published On May 16, 2023     |     5 Min Read

Managing all of the moving parts of a construction business can be time-consuming for contractors, especially when it comes to monitoring equipment. Without the right tools, there is no way to get projects done. That’s why it’s critical to know what equipment is in working order and what items need to be repaired or worked on. Utilizing CMMS construction solutions is the perfect way to ease the burden.

How CMMS Construction Services Make a Difference

A computerized maintenance management system can make a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of construction operations. By tracking and managing maintenance needs, your CMMS can streamline the administrative duties that come with owning heavy equipment.
Your CMMS is also good for protecting your bottom line. With deeper insight into the condition of your tools and equipment, you can plan ahead for replacement items to get better deals. You can also schedule downtime for certain equipment so that you minimize disruption to your business.

How To Use Your CMMS

A great thing about CMMS construction tools is that the systems can be flexible. Not every company has the exact same needs, so you need to be able to focus on the tools and features that will matter the most for your situation. At DreamzCMMS, we make things simple for construction companies with solutions such as mobile CMMS you can use even on job sites, so you can always stay on top of things.

Here are some more ways to use your CMMS

Equipment and asset management: The right system can help construction companies track and manage their equipment and assets, including maintenance schedules, repair history and replacement schedules.
Preventive maintenance: CMMS allows construction companies to plan and schedule regular maintenance tasks, such as inspections, lubrication and cleaning. That can prevent breakdowns and extend equipment life.
Work order management: CMMS construction setups let you create and manage work orders for maintenance and repair tasks, including assigning tasks to specific personnel, tracking progress and generating reports.
Inventory management: A maintenance system can also serve as an inventory list for all of the parts you need for your jobs. You can easily track how many spare parts and supplies you have and become proactive about ordering replacements when you see something is running low.
Cost tracking and reporting: CMMS can help construction companies track maintenance and repair costs, including labor, parts and other expenses, and generate reports to analyze costs and identify areas for improvement.

Doing all of these tasks without the right CMMS would require a lot of work from you or your staff, requiring you to create a way for people to report the status of their tools, equipment and inventory. Spending hours working on that can take you away from other valuable tasks such as growing your company, which could cost you in the long run.

Start Utilizing CMMS Construction Plans and Work Smarter

Running a construction business is complicated, so you should simplify as many processes as possible. When it comes to maintenance tracking, a CMMS construction service is a smart way to create a clear picture of your maintenance needs and keep your business moving forward. Get a demo today from DreamzCMMS.


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