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Managing Work Orders – What You Need to Know

Published On May 3, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Work Order Management | What to do

Work order management helps in efficient and timely processing of work orders. If Work Orders are managed and tracked manually, it might take a long time and consume a lot of papers making the process cumbersome and complex. Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) automates the entire process of maintenance and streamlines the entire work order life cycle.

Why is it important to prioritize work orders ?

Creating work orders is the first step of work order management and these work orders require to be prioritized. Work orders are received by the managers as requests in any form for various maintenance needs. Criticality of the services that you need to perform determines the priority of the work orders. You can establish criticality for equipment or repair in advance which in turn would make it easy for the scheduler or manager to determine the priority for day-to-day assignments. Efficient prioritization of Work orders reduces backlogs and helps in attending critical needs in a timely manner.

8 questions to ask before implementing CMMS in your organisation

  • Is your present work order management system working appropriately for your organisation?
  • Are you able to manage your work orders in an effective manner?
  • Does your system has work order automation to initiate and assign the technicians with priority?
  • Do your technicians get notification of work order assignment real time on his/her mobile ?
  • Is your maintenance manager operating your equipment at their optimum levels?
  • Can you avail all the information about the work orders at your fingertips?
  • Are you able to make well informed business decisions using the work order information?
  • Is your work order management system able enough to save both time and money of your organisation?

Features of CMMS that helps in work order management

CMMS is indispensable in assisting your maintenance manager to effectively track and manage the maintenance activities. 

  • You can manage work orders in a timely manner
  • CMMS reduces downtime of equipment
  • Reduces repair costing of equipment
  • Plan and schedule preventive maintenance
  • Plan and schedule maintenance tasks
  • Helps in Managing parts consumed and inventory efficiently
  • CMMS eliminates traditional paper work
  • Contributes in improving productivity
  • CMMS helps to  ensure compliance to regulatory standards and safety needs
  • Insight to data driven Analytical Reports
  • Provides ability to analyse historical data and business trends
  • Easily identify issues and provides root causes for increasing costs, constant repair needs and low productivity
  • Using incident management technician or others can report the problem or any request that can be converted into Work Order
  • Provides information on parts availability and consumption
  • Provides information on resource availability and assignments
  • Smart warranty tracking done by CMMS
  • Tracks downtime
  • Information regarding scheduled jobs which includes frequency by time, hour and meter, safety requirements, job estimates, required special tools and required downtime
  • Helps in creating non-scheduled work orders manually
  • Closes work orders with various important information like effort consumed, labor cost, part entry, miscellaneous costs and all relevant documentation 

You can break each one of the above-mentioned tasks into sub tasks with predefined Checklist. It depends on the type of the business and on what sort of work order management system you need to create. 

Work order management in DreamzCMMS breaks down the entire process for easy management and tracking. It ensures that work orders are executed and managed in the most productive and efficient way possible. 


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