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CMMS and Compliance Management: What You Need To Know

Published On March 8, 2023     |     5 Min Read

cmms compliance

Making sure your organization is in compliance with all regulations and standards for your industry can be one of the most important aspects of managing a company. Falling out of compliance can be costly, with potential penalties that include fines or even work stoppages. To keep track of all the regulations and document how your organization is adhering to the rules, it makes sense to use CMMS compliance tools and simplify the process.

The Benefits of CMMS Compliance Resources

Businesses that operate in highly regulated industries know the importance of proper record-keeping and document preparation. Audits and investigations are not uncommon in healthcare, manufacturing and agribusiness, but they can be a pain to get ready for if you don’t have the right systems in place. This is where a computerized maintenance management system comes into play.

One of the biggest benefits of a CMMS is the ability to generate regulatory reports for compliance officers easily and accurately. When you use a CMMS, your team should be entering data into the system regularly, creating a record of maintenance activities, assets and acquisitions, labor hours and more. You can get a custom solution that accounts for all the business aspects you want to track by working with DreamzCMMS to develop a system that has all the features you need.

You can also use your CMMS to stay ahead of compliance issues. It is much easier to track preventative maintenance needs and inventory levels when it is well-documented and organized in a centralized program. Your staff will also save time since they won’t have to spend a lot of effort tracking down documents and compiling them to give to regulators.

Industries That Should Embrace CMMS Compliance

CMMS can be advantageous for every type of company, offering an easier way to keep track of operations. There are several types of businesses that should consider adopting a CMMS immediately:

  • Oil and gas companies: Because these businesses deal with volatile substances that also involve environmental concerns, it is important to have a highly efficient system for keeping maintenance records. You want to make sure there are no reporting delays if a regulatory audit occurs.
  • Shipping companies: Whether your company handles shipping needs from the consumer side or works with ports and cargo companies, proper records are crucial to stay in regulatory compliance. You need documents about what is shipped and by whom, as well as records about equipment such as forklifts and cranes.
  • Healthcare companies: The work done by healthcare providers and manufacturers can be a matter of life or death, so it makes sense that this industry is highly regulated. A CMMS will prove that you are operating in compliance and allow you to see if there are issues that are developing in your organization before they get out of hand.

    Adding a CMMS to your business is a great safeguard against regulatory lapses.

    Gain Confidence With CMMS Compliance Tools

    Dealing with regulations is a time-consuming but important part of running a business. You can save time and work for your team by using CMMS compliance features to streamline record-keeping and generate reports as needed. Get the tools you need by reaching out to DreamzCMMS today for a system that fits your business.



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