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Ways to Transition Reactive to Preventive Maintenance

Published On January 28, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Reactive to Preventive maintenance - DreamzCMMS

You can save millions of bucks if you can transition from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance process. By doing so the lifespan of your valuable assets increases. This transition would relieve the stress of the maintenance team as they do not have to face the trouble of sudden equipment failures. There are proven advantages of undergoing transition from reactive to preventive maintenance. But, surveys conducted globally show that still 60% of the organizations are in reactive maintenance mode on the maintenance strategy.

Many organizations are still in Reactive Maintenance Mode because of the fear that implementing a new maintenance strategy might fail. They think that the transition from reactive to preventive maintenance would be very expensive. If you use the correct maintenance software and proceed step -by-step systematically, then the  implementation of preventive maintenance will be mostly successful. You do not need a huge investment for transitioning from reactive to preventive maintenance. Modern CMMS solution serves the best in this process of transition. This transition process includes the effort of the staff of the maintenance team along with the support from the management of the organization. The Maintenance team, Manager and the technicians play an important role in this transition. The maintenance technicians have the insights about how to catch the critical technical problems and implement changes. The 10 most important ways to undergo transition in maintenance strategy are:

Perform analysis of preventive maintenance

To prevent the equipment breakdown it is important to be aware of the root causes of the previous failures. Risk-cause Analysis (RCA) is an important aspect of Preventive maintenance planning. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) are the methodologies by which it can analyse when and at which position the equipment fails.

Form a specialised team for maintenance management

Specialised maintenance team need to handle some of the major tasks. Such that Schedules for regular equipment check-up, organizing meetings regarding on-going and future projects. Also deploying maintenance staffs to take charge of those projects.

Introduce the parameter of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KPI, when calculated, gives a detailed picture of the performances of both the staff and equipment. It helps the specialized team for maintenance to meet their target and plan for continuous improvement on the basis of the current KPIs. 


Introducing Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS) would help the team in planning maintenance schedules and also with scheduling repairs in an efficient and automated, digital way. It also helps to track the history and details of equipment breakdown and all relevant updated reports would be readily available.

Get equipment feedback on a daily basis

Forms related to equipment feedback should be an integral part of daily check-ups of equipment. Frequency of breakdown of equipment can be assessed by doing so. You can be wise while making future decisions as this would provide you with historical data.

Start on a small scale

It is important that at first you apply this transition in fewer machines, analyse the data obtained and then familiarize the employees with it.

Provide maintenance staff with regular workshops and training

Make sure that your maintenance staff regularly update their skills. Apart from formal training, maintenance staff can use the historical information within a Modern digital CMMS, along with its ever growing knowledge repository for reference and training.

Regularly monitor maintenance staff and equipment

What you need to accomplish and what solutions you need to come up with would be attained by this regular monitoring.

Be open to innovations and new technologies

Being flexible in thinking would help your staff to stay updated always and also would help them to be efficient.

So, looking at the benefits of transitioning from reactive to preventive maintenance, you might give it a thought for better maintenance management in your organization. DreamzCMMS can make this transition a lot easier for you. 

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