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The Top 3 Benefits of CMMS for Hotels

Published On June 19, 2023     |     5 Min Read

CMMS for hotel

While the hospitality industry may not seem like an obvious partner with modern technology, investing in new software for your hotel is a great way to increase efficiency and provide better customer service. One sometimes-overlooked solution to save you money and improve your business is CMMS for hotels.

What Is a CMMS for Hotels?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a type of software that manages all things related to maintenance. It has following standard features:

  • Assets management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Work Requests and work orders
  • Maintenance Work histories
  • Supply parts Inventory
  • Purchase orders
  • Reports

CMMS for hotels is usually automated and can help distribute work orders, follow up with team members, and create a preventive maintenance schedule for every assets. A CMMS can be computer, web or mobile-based, and allows maintenance supervisors to set it up and maintenance technicians to use their phones to complete their work assignments, communicate, and log their activities.

The Top 3 Benefits of CMMS for Hotels

CMMS has many benefits for the hospitality industry, and these are three essential ones.

1. CMMS Saves You Money

Apart from being able to easily track costs, CMMS software allows you to schedule maintenance on your assets so that it automatically comes up when due. Your hotel can actually cut maintenance costs by up to 55%, enhance the life of your equipment by 55% and help you reduce equipment downtime by up to 25%. When you automate preventive maintenance, you are able to keep the entire building and all of the equipment in better shape. By avoiding the costs of repairing a severely damaged asset, you can save money.

2. CMMS Keeps You Organized

CMMS for hotels makes it easy to track your assets. Where spare parts or maintenance equipment is stored, what condition it is in, and when it is used can help ensure that things are properly taken care of and that everything is in its place.

CMMS also makes inventory a snap. It’s easy to lose track of all those little parts, and if you’re not on top of it, you won’t have what you need when you need it the most. CMMS can prevent this from happening and can even predict your inventory needs as your workers use it.

Since CMMS for hotels can automatically assign work orders, you won’t have any slip through the cracks. Everyone can easily see who is responsible for each job, who completed each job, when, and what the outcome was. You can avoid misplaced papers and many human errors.

3. CMMS Improves Customer Experience

The best way to keep customers satisfied is to run a clean, well-kept hotel with friendly employees. CMMS keeps everything in working order and avoids stressful situations with clients. Smooth stays mean repeat business. Using CMMS for hotels to keep the HVAC working flawlessly, the bathrooms unclogged and leak-free, and the internet constantly functioning will bring you higher revenues.

Where Can You Find the Best CMMS for Hotels?

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to CMMS for hotels. For efficient solutions, an easy user interface, and great customer service, DreamzCMMS is a recommended choice. Schedule a free demonstration of this CMMS software today.


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