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Foresee and prevent breakdown with IoT and CMMS

Published On December 22, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Foresee with IOT in DreamzCMMS

The adoption rate of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been increasing. It has great potential for industrial and business usage. IoT is a boon to the industrial world. It has given a thorough modernized version of production and business models. Usage of IoT sensors contributes in monitoring several aspects like energy, environment, safety and also helps to reduce cost and increase productivity.

There are manifold benefits of adopting the IoT ecosystem of powerful sensors, data analytics, meters, cloud storage and connected gadgets. Manufacturers and business owners are now aware of the advantages of IoT and when it is combined with an efficient maintenance system, it can become a powerful storehouse of data and tools for proactive and preventive maintenance.

Maintenance and IoT

As far as maintenance of machines, devices, and equipment are concerned, IoT with the help of the latest CMMS can not only anticipate breakdown but also can avoid them. IoT makes preventive maintenance possible, making asset maintenance effective, increasing productivity by lowering downtime to minimum.

The aim of CMMS solution: Breakdown prevention

The primary objective of the CMMS solution is to optimize and improve industrial maintenance strategies. Development in maintenance management has been carried out by the preventive maintenance feature of CMMS solution. With further improvement and development in software, preventive maintenance protocols are now based on real time analysis of records of past interventions and breakdowns.

The latest next gen CMMS solution facilitates even the small or medium sized business enterprises to plan and implement preventive maintenance, which over a period of time saves cost and improves efficiency and productivity.

Foreseeing and preventing breakdown with IoT and CMMS

Preventive maintenance simply means constant monitoring of machines and assets to know the working condition of each asset. As a result, necessary maintenance interventions can be carried out even before the machine falters or breaks down. CMMS helps in identifying and defining those preventive maintenance in the system which automatically triggers required maintenance.

Role of IoT in preventive maintenance

IoT allows many devices to be connected to each other through various sensors and meters and other gadgets. This helps to collect data about the working pattern of the machines or devices.

For instance, the sensors can detect the below listed parameters, 

  • Temperature changes
  • Humidity variation
  • Water leakage
  • Gas leak /Gas level
  • Voltage
  • etc.

These sensors are generally attached with related equipment and share the received data in certain intervals. From the sensor portal these can be set and customized. Admin can add these sensors to specific equipment or tools in  CMMS software. In DreamzCMMS, users can add rules for the threshold value. Once the detected parameter value is beyond threshold value, alerts are generated and in the DreamzCMMS system this leads to automatic generation of maintenance work(Work Order). Technicians get notified in their mobile realtime and can reach before the breakdown.

Let’s understand preventive maintenance in three simple steps:

  • Collecting data from sensor and sending them to the cloud
  • CMMS software will analyze the data
  • Technicians will carry out necessary actions to avoid device failure

CMMS and IoT playing a significant role in preventing breakdown

The efficient combination of CMMS and IoT can anticipate breakdowns before they actually happen through the sensors attached to the equipment. The CMMS software then analyses the data from the sensors, cross check with predefined threshold rules, detects and understands issues that can lead to breakdown.

Easy to grasp technologies

Manufacturing units, factories and production plants are approaching machine learning and Industry 4.0 by using IoT and CMMS. Collected data and algorithms have made computer systems easy to understand and learn. Similarly artificial intelligence helps maintenance managers, technicians and operators in informed decision making, improving maintenance strategies and intervention management.

DreamzCMMS: Easy to adopt tools

DreamzCMMS can be accessed from anywhere on mobile devices. DreamzCMMS integration with IoT will automatically generate maintenance Work Orders based on defined threshold rules for various parameters for the assets. DreamzCMMS and IoT is an efficient combination guaranteeing smart maintenance of assets leveraging DreamzCMMS’ own IoT platform. 

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