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The Role of Mobile CMMS in Building Efficient Asset Maintenance Workflow

Published On March 22, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Mobile CMMS software for Efficient work flow

Every industrial sector is taking the benefits of mobile devices because of its portability and smart features. The organizations are making the best use of mobiles by increasing the availability of the technical support team. They are using mobile maintenance software, termed as mobile CMMS. It is extremely beneficial to access maintenance data via mobile CMMS. Incorporate this software in your daily workflow to utilize its benefits to the fullest.

Advantages of using Mobile CMMS

  • Increase in productivity- Features of mobile CMMS like faster communication, automation, organized process and availability allows the maintenance planners and technicians to spend less time for administrative work. Instead, they can now focus on tasks critical to business. They can access real time data like asset history anytime, anywhere which accelerates everyday workflow. 
  • Accountability of the technicians- Technicians with the help of mobile CMMS can now track spare parts real time. They can also access the assigned work orders from anywhere, anytime. The maintenance manager while using mobile CMMS would have a clear overview of the workload assigned to each technician and their performance in it. 
  • Improving Communication – You would be able to send notifications to your entire maintenance team or selective technicians quickly using mobile CMMS. Collaboration is possible on big projects using this mobile app as it allows easy exchange of valuable information related to tasks.
  • Strengthening of Organizational base – Using mobile CMMS you can track, manage, schedule and reschedule the progress of on-going tasks from anywhere. 
  • Increase in Data accuracy – Mobile CMMS app allows you to log work, notes and spare parts soon after the task completed. This ensures accuracy of the input data which is in the system. 
  • Access from Anywhere, anytime – During any emergency situation, technicians receive the notifications real time in their mobile devices through Mobile CMMS. The Maintenance Manager can access the real time status of a work order assigned to the technicians while on the Go. User can report any incident about an asset by scanning the QR code through the Mobile CMMS.. 

5 ways by which you can use mobile CMMS in building efficient Maintenance workflow

Ticketing/Incident Management –

This feature allows you to report problems via a work request portal. Open line of communication is ensured with the rest of the organization. It is in everybody’s best interest to quickly reach the maintenance team and report an issue. You do not need to install the maintenance app and can just use the URL to fill the form. User license is not required in mobile CMMS and hence no cost is there for accessing work request portal. After submission, automatic syncing of work requests occurs in all your devices and then corresponding work order is assigned to technicians.

Productivity improvement from efficient maintenance workflow – 

Signs of productivity improvement experienced while using mobile CMMS:

  • Able to check schedules quickly including assigned work orders and Preventive Maintenance (PM)s
  • Data accuracy increased as technicians log their works while performing
  • Instant notifications are available via push messages
  • Able to identify, log and respond to additional issues while attending to an assigned problem
  • Quickly access asset information while working on the assigned Work Order for the Asset 

QR codes to speedup Maintenance workflow –

Usage of QR codes within CMMS ascertain productivity gains:

  • Scan QR code to quickly search information about an asset
  • Scan Asset’s QR code and describe the issue to submit a work request
  • QR code lookup allows inventory tracking
  • Less manual effort reduces probability of human errors

Mobile CMMS uses asset history for improving mean time to repair – 

Mobile CMMS provides access to the following data leading to less time consumption to diagnose an issue and to take corrective actions:

  • Work Orders and Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedules
  • Generalized information about assets
  • Detailed information on equipment maintenance logs
  • Instruction set (Checklist) to perform a maintenance activity
  • Historical records of failure and repair details

Allows remote collaboration and communication-

Real-time work order commenting is enabled during communication when you use mobile CMMS software. Click photographs and attach them to the work order. These features would make faster and easier disposal and transfer of valuable information among remote workers.

Build an efficient maintenance workflow, save considerable amount of time on daily activities and experience a new level of flexibility using the mobile CMMS from DreamzCMMS.


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