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How To Increase Machine Uptime and Improve Efficiency

Published On August 9, 2023     |     5 Min Read

machine uptime

Machine uptime refers to the duration or percentage of time machinery or a system is functioning and available to execute tasks. It is a critical metric in industries that rely heavily on machinery, such as factories or data processing centers. It directly influences operational efficiency, production output, and the bottom line.

Every minute a machine is up and running, it contributes in generating products, services or results. Conversely, any downtime represents lost production time and potential revenue losses for the company. This is why improving machine availability is so important.

Calculate the Current Machine Uptime

Determining your current uptime percentage is the first step toward improving uptime. You can tally machine uptime by dividing the total operational time (minus downtime) by the total available time and then multiplying by 100. Accurate tracking of this measure provides a benchmark for improvement efforts.

Set Machine Availability and Uptime Goals

After calculating your current uptime, setting realistic goals for improving availability is vital. These goals should consider factors such as the machine’s age, its role in your operations, and the cost of potential enhancements. Most companies aim for a minimum of 99% uptime, but even 1% downtime can be costly.

Prioritize Machine Uptime When Choosing Parts

One way to reduce downtime is by choosing the right parts. When procuring hardware components, look beyond cost savings. Prioritize parts that contribute to increased uptime. This may include parts with longer lifespans or better performance specifications or those that come with comprehensive support and warranty packages.

Patch Software Regularly

Software updates often contain patches for known bugs and vulnerabilities that may cause system crashes or slowdowns. Regular software patching ensures that your machines run the latest and most stable software versions, reducing the likelihood of downtime caused by out-of-date devices and software or malicious actors.

Implement Proactive Maintenance Plans

Proactive maintenance involves scheduling service at regular intervals to keep machines in optimal working condition. This approach generally includes the following aspects:

  • Parts replacement
  • Lubrication
  • Calibration
  • Software updates

Regular inspections are crucial for identifying potential issues before they lead to significant downtime. Early detection of anomalies allows for timely intervention, thus preserving uptime. Some companies conduct this manually, but sensors and IoT tech can significantly improve the process.

Plan for Obsolescence and Upgrades

Technology evolves rapidly, and today’s high-performance machine could become tomorrow’s bottleneck. Closely monitor technological advancements and upgrade your machines accordingly. A well-timed upgrade can significantly enhance machine uptime and overall operational efficiency.

Use a CMMS To Automate Asset Management

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can automate many aspects of asset management, including scheduling maintenance activities, tracking machine performance, and managing spare parts inventory. By automating these tasks, a CMMS can help you streamline operations, reduce human error, and ultimately increase machine availability.

Find Out How DreamzCMMS Can Improve Your Machine Uptime

At DreamzCMMS, we commit to helping you maximize your machine uptime and enhancing operational efficiency. Our comprehensive computerized maintenance management system automates workflows, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Get in touch today, and let’s transform your operations together.


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