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How to improve Facility Management with the help of IoT monitoring

Published On August 9, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Facility maintenance management using IOT monitoring

Over the last few decades the trend and concept of smart buildings have become popular. IoT remote monitoring system comprises a well-connected network of many physical devices where the equipment is attached with different sensors, electronic gadgets, software and connectivity. All these together make building a smart and intelligent structure. There are many benefits of these intelligent buildings that are  smarter than the traditional real estates. The IoT technology helps the vendors and tenants of the real estate sector in many ways. The pandemic situation caused by Covid-19 has compelled the real estate sector to adapt ‘new normal’ scenarios with improved technologies. 

16 features of remote IoT monitoring that improves real estate facility management

  • Usage of power, lighting, HVAC and alarm system is trackable in the workplace using IoT based solutions
  • Facility Managers can control room temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality etc.
  • IoT sensors share real-time conditional data analytics in regular time intervals. This in turn would provide detailed recommendations about asset management and improvement
  • Proactive maintenance schedule with great accuracy can be achieved using the data received from sensor enabled devices
  • Facility Managers can prevent flooding of the data centers by using IoT remote monitoring as liquid and moisture surges are monitored
  • As equipment is sensor controlled, this will allow relaying the temperature, settings, utilization which would help in better analysis of the data by the managers. Facility Managers can also achieve highest performance rate and adjust the workflow as per requirements using the IoT remote monitoring technology
  • Achieving resiliency– IoT remote monitoring solutions reduce the vulnerability of your system to both natural and man- made threats. This technology offers operational flexibility, remote maintenance operation and cyber security. Hence, you can increase the Net Operating Income (NOI) using this IoT solutions
  • IoT monitoring minimizes energy wastage in common areas, lobbies, staircase with sensor enabled lighting system
  • Facility Managers can attain a sustainable culture and ambience using IoT solutions
  • Highly efficient– Facility Managers will have access to features like integral power distribution, IT network and automation in the buildings. These features would allow Facility Managers to capture, measure, and analyze data for a better decision making
  • IoT monitoring based solutions optimize asset availability
  • Facility Managers can utilize IOT devices Input to arrive at real time decision making
  • IoT sensor feedbacks optimizes performance through analytics that are predictive in nature
  • IoT is a sustainable solution– The solution helps to manage energy and come up with sustainable strategies. The process of carbon emission can be reduced and validated by IoT remote monitoring. Facility Managers can also reduce carbon credit spending using IoT remote monitoring. 
  • IoT enabled intelligent buildings will have enhanced preventive maintenance plan in place, as you can predict equipment failures through condition based maintenance plan and can remotely control asset settings
  • IoT is people-centric– IoT ensures improved air quality and circulation that in turn would give the occupants a feeling of safety and make the stay comfortable and healthy. It is one of the most important duties of any real-estate organization to consider the health and wellbeing of the occupants and also to mitigate any possible risk. IoT helps to achieve these goals by efficiently monitoring humidity, temperature, noise, light and Volatile Organic Carbon levels in the building

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