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Points to Remember While Selecting Mobile CMMS

Published On August 18, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Mobile CMMS app solution

Mobile CMMS App is a mobile app solution that can be installed on mobile devices. It allows management of company’s asset information from anywhere, at any time. The software can be accessible from any device with  internet connection and a browser. The software functions perfectly while the mobile device is offline and automatically syncs the data while back online. 

Choosing the right mobile CMMS App can increase business profit and efficiency of an organization. At the end the decision makers should realize that they have selected a product which meets all of their needs. And the product should be equipped with the most recent technologies like utilization of IoT and Blockchain. 

What are the main factors to consider before selecting the best mobile CMMS app? 

Mobile CMMS can integrate with business’s existing systems and applications easily, it works seamlessly with them. It provides a consolidated view of all asset data across facilities in one place. Stakeholders can get an overview of what’s happening across the enterprise at one glance!

There are many factors to consider when choosing a mobile CMMS App. The following points may help in making a decision:

  • Does the software offer features that are needed for the business? Some of the basic features of a CMMS system which should be available in a mobile platform are
    • Work Order Create & Monitor: Unplanned downtime is quite normal in all of the industries. So in emergency situations, the technicians themselves or the managers need to create work orders and assign them. The CMMS Mobile platform should support the work order creation option as well as monitoring the work order status on the go
    • Incident raise : It is important that an employee on site can raise a ticket if any incident occurs. This allows the issues to be fixed on time
    • Push notification : Currently any smart phone or tab supports push notifications. For any events, there should be a push notification facility to send alerts to users. For example, technicians should receive the notifications once a work order generates and they become the assignee for the task
    • View asset histories: Mobile CMMS App Users can instantly access the asset information, instructions, checklists, images, and associated inventory
    • Scan QR codes : Every asset is tagged with QR code. The mobile app helps to access every detail of an asset by scanning the QR code
    • Scan RFID codes : Through RFID scan using mobile devices it will be helpful to get the details of the asset and also the inventory
    • Connect without internet : In offline mode, the technicians can create and modify work order, assets, parts etc. on mobile devices and it will automatically sync up the data when the mobile device reconnect to the Internet 
    • Time tracking utility : Technicians can update the work order with actual time and status. Work order task wise time tracking should be visible on mobile devices. Hence, mobile CMMS helps in effort and efficiency tracking. This improves the visibility and transparency
  • Does it have a wide range of mobile devices supported? The mobile app should work well on both iOS and Android devices
  • Is it easy to use and understand? The mobile CMMS platform should be easy to use and intuitive, but also provide the tools necessary for the business. Choose a mobile CMMS App that’s easy to use and will help to run the business efficiently. Make sure the mobile CMMS has a user-friendly interface, so it’s easy to learn without any training
  • Will it work effectively on both desktop computers and mobile devices? Check the compatibility. The software should be compatible with all operating systems.
  • Is it available in small as well as enterprise-level sizes? An enterprise-level system will not be mandatory unless there is a large team of employees or contractors. In such cases, the platform should be available to support small and midsize organizations also. 
  • Is it affordable? Look for a mobile CMMS that has the required features and comes in an affordable price. Choose the right mobile CMMS platform, which will support the business needs and budget. 
  • The selected Mobile CMMS platform should be offer a free trial version for a limited period for evaluation. This would enable the users to  test it before purchasing it.
  • The CMMS Mobile application will allow team members working remotely from different locations to interact with each other without worrying about compatibility issues or data synchronization problems.

There are many points to consider when choosing a mobile CMMS app. The above are some of those. Contact DreamzCMMS for further details and Demo.


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