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Impact of IOT in Maintenance System through CMMS

Published On July 22, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Iot in maintenance system

The implementation of a CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) software in various industries, streamlines the maintenance management and reduces the maintenance cost of assets. The objective of any industry is to bring in automation using the most recent technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of its day-to-day operations. Thanks to the IoT technology which helps in improving automation in the maintenance management system. IoT refers to interconnected sensors, instruments and other devices networked in the cloud to send real time data. CMMS software receives the real time IoT data from the cloud and executes the emergency maintenance operations. Real time data collection, exchange and analysis improves the productivity and efficiency of asset performance, uptime, longevity and ultimately profitability using IoT in the maintenance system of an industry. . 

The key expectation of the Maintenance managers is to achieve reduction in maintenance cost and downtime. This can be achieved efficiently with the implementation of IoT devices. Hence as latest trend, the maintenance industry is moving  to the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Smart Factory concept (Industry 4.0)

Various IoT Sensors are being used in different industries. Industries like Manufacturing, Facility management, building & property, Transportation, Oil & Gas, where IoT sensors are attached with the asset, sends  real time data in predefined time intervals. In CMMS, various event rules can be set up on the threshold value in respect of the Asset equipment. If  the event rules are satisfied based on the threshold values, it creates a work order automatically. This automation in the maintenance process reduces downtime and increases productivity of the asset.

Some of the utilization  of IoT Sensors

  • Wireless Water Detection Sensors were installed for water heaters, water pumps and other equipment
  • Temperature Sensors are better utilized in the building to monitor offices, conference rooms and hallways etc. 
  • Air Quality sensor, Vibration sensor and AC Current Meters on HVAC air circulation fans, pumps, motors, and ducts were utilized.
  • Open-Closed Sensors on the main doors and Motion and Occupancy Sensors were placed in strategic areas to detect break-ins and after-hours access.

The impact of IoT in CMMS software is a major paradigm shift for the industries and its users.

Impact of IoT in data collection

CMMS can generate a report for maintenance managers to gain insight on how often an asset is underperforming, the  idle time, the frequency of the downtime and asset health information  from the previous maintenance history. IoT can enhance the quality of these reports with the real time data of an equipment that helps the team to manage equipment and maintenance activity better. Using this data, managers can predict downtimes , need of parts & supplies and utilize this data to plan for preventive maintenance schedules improving up time. 

IoT has changed the way data is captured from devices on a network. With IoT, devices collect data from different sources and transmit it to the server where it is stored. This information may include user behavior or environmental factors that affect device performance. 

Impact of IoT in Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance can be implemented if and only if the system has accurate data. The Maintenance managers can use the CMMS work order history reports to plan and create a preventive maintenance schedule. Implementation of IoT helps the Maintenance managers to work with real time data. For example, if a temperature sensor records a value outside of a defined threshold, it generates an alert and ultimately the system creates a work order based on the rules defined in the CMMS software. The work order is initiated automatically for the asset through Conditioned maintenance through utilization of IoT which helps in reducing unplanned downtime using IoT Preventive maintenance.


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