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Work Order Time and Cost Tracking

DreamzCMMS helps operation and maintenance managers to keep track of labor overruns and materials. Keeping an eye on these aspects assists in running maintenance programs in a budget friendly manner.

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DreamzCMMS Time and Cost Tracking Solution for work order maintenance has been specially tailored for technicians. It is extremely user-friendly. One can let go of traditional work order maintenance methods like pen, paper and spreadsheets and simply adopt DreamzCMMS to measure time and cost parameters with much ease.

DreamzCMMS assists organizations in many ways as it keeps track of not only maintenance but the maintenance expenses as well. By recording the maintenance history, managers can utilize the data for maintenance budgeting too.

How it works in DreamzCMMS

Avail a single and concise hub for Work Order Information

With the DreamzCMMS work order time and cost tracking solution one is able to maintain all documents for work orders right in one place. This unified documentation can then be shared with all the members of a maintenance team.

Technicians can log the time of start and closure of a work order. Any additional cost for parts, and other miscellaneous costs can be logged and tracked too. Details provided in a work order are quite transparent and anyone with access to the work order can view it.

Track Costs under different heads

From the settings one can create various types of cost heads and track input from technicians under each of them. This gives an overall idea of where the cash leaks are and hence make business decisions to reduce or improve the existing cost structures.

Track Time for each activity

There can be several different sub-tasks that need to be created under a work order and for each of those tasks technicians can log their work hours. This gives detailed information on a technicians’ performance. One can even assign sub-tasks to different technicians and everyone can log their individual hours of activities.

Get Work Order Time and Cost Reports and Analytics

Proper logging of relevant information such as cost and hours spent, helps DreamzCMMS Maintenance Dashboard to prepare pictorial and graphical depictions of cost trends, downtime, patterns of parts consumption and even performance of assets. This is for better visualization and understanding. Reports on asset trends generated every month, help to decide on the maintenance budget and in taking operational decisions.

Considering the benefits that DreamzCMMS Work Order Time and Cost Tracking Solution offers, any user would like to move from the traditional maintenance processes towards a more proactive approach in order to perform preventive maintenance operations.

How DreamzCMMS helps in Work Order Time and Cost Tracking

DreamzCMMS software allows  comparison between the actual and estimated cost and the hours of labor spent on a particular work order.
Libraries on standard tasks of maintenance help to know the time normally needed to perform each task. One can use these for creating templates needed in work order as Maintenance Checklists.
The cost and time of work order is fed into these templates which then give an accurate estimate on the completion time for a particular work order.
DreamzCMMS allows users to update the work order in case the cost and time values differ. It even traces the variance and the related cause by letting an user compare between the actual and estimated time for a particular work order.

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