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How to avoid the common work order errors

Published On December 28, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Avoid Work Order Error - DreamzCMMS

Once any issue arises then that needs to be captured in proper format and delegate to technicians to work on that. Work order plays a major role in Maintenance Management. So Work order management has to be strong to improve maintenance operations. Every time an error in work order pushes you to trace back to find the mistake and then fix it. This wastes time and energy and kills efficiency of the management system.

You can minimize the chances of making such mistakes by planning the work well and also by using innovative software like Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS. Efficient asset and maintenance management both can be attained by keeping in mind few tips to avoid such mistakes. This would make your job much faster and also easier

 Here are 5 tips to avoid common work order errors:

Do not forget to include the names correctly on work orders

Names have to be put correctly as without doing so it is not possible to know the purpose of doing the work, who is responsible for that particular work, who needs to approve the work before final submission and lastly who deserves the credit of the work. Without the input of names being done correctly, you cannot trace that is accountable for a fault if something goes wrong. Hence to have a clear idea about responsibility and accountability it is important to include names correctly.

You need to visualise the entire workflow and then add the names mentioning their respective responsibilities. If third party vendors are associated with the work include them too in the list.

CMMS makes this job faster and makes it less prone to error. It sends out notifications to people involve in the work order. It sends confirmation email to the person who requested the service. CMMS typically starts working as soon as the request for maintenance approves. Technicians are notified by CMMS regarding their assigned work. It also sends push notifications to mobile devices if they install maintenance app in them. Therefore, no need not to wait for the technician to check their mail boxes. 

Do not miss important dates

Maintenance managers maintain balance of the system by moving around work dates. Lacking important dates, you cannot adjust your work schedule with efficiency. There are different maintenance metrics and KPIs that help you not to miss dates. MTTR, MTTF and MTBF are such metrics and are all based on time. Overdue percentage of PMs is an important aspect for tracking preventive maintenance programs. CMMS makes the work easier as it works automatically. Dates include automatically as soon as you assign a new work order. According to the schedule that you control, various preventive management work orders get generated automatically. CMMS saves close -out dates too.

Do not miss out critical information regarding assets

Finding the right asset can often be challenging with PMs. For on-demand work orders the scenario is not that much problematic though. So, you need to be very careful that you do not leave out any information regarding a particular equipment or asset that makes it unique from the other similar assets nearby.  You can use serial numbers, barcode labels on your asset to avoid such mistakes. Technicians can be scan the Barcodes or QR Code to get the comprehensive data of assets.

Do not miss out critical information on SOPs

Technicians must have a wholesome knowledge about the standard operating procedures to avoid work order error. CMMS can ascertain this by providing features like:

  • Checklists that are customizable
  • Comprehensive asset data
  • Schematic manuals and digital images
  • Interactive maps of sites and floor plans
  • Hazard warnings
  • Safety information

Always prefer CMMS over spreadsheets

You can miss out data using paper or spreadsheets like what used to happen in traditional workflows. Now if you use any CMMS software like DreamzCMMS having both web and mobile options to handle  Work Order related data and records then it will be error free without much effort . Also you can have real time updates of information provided by it.

If you keep in mind the above-mentioned common types of mistakes and take proper measures to avoid those you can attain your fullest goal.

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