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DreamzCMMS for Easy Maintenance Management

Published On March 9, 2022     |     5 Min Read

DreamzCMMS maintenance management

All the industries have a common pain point to manage and maintain their asset equipment, supply parts inventory. But industry users either ignore spending time on it or they just try to manage using traditional methods like spreadsheets etc. As a result, the organization loses a good  amount of money due to asset downtime and lower rate of production.  DreamzCMMS provides a digital solution to it based on the practical pain points. It uses most of the modernising features of Industry 4.0. IoT sensor integration with assets for better maintenance, Blockchain usage for secured data log, Asset tracking using QR code & RFID are the major benefits. Also it has some of the unparalleled features like Video conferencing, Asset tracking using Floor plan etc.

Let us discuss about the features of DreamzCMMS 

DreamzCMMS has the standard features of CMMS to make maintenance easy

Asset Management: 

  • Assets are classified into Facility, Equipment, Tools and the spare parts. An organization may have multiple facilities. Application users can see all the facilities hierarchically, it makes searching & filtering of equipment & tools easier. 
  • User DreamzCMMS users can categorize the equipment asset and keep all information  related to the asset in one place. It helps a user to find the standard information like, warranty, Certificate details, procurement details, preferable vendors, BOM. Also users can see the total transaction log. The most important point is to view the year wise depreciation value, maintenance cost etc. to evaluate the performance of the asset equipment
  • It has a document attachment option. So users can keep various documents in digital format or images with it. 
  • DreamzCMMS has the option to add a floor plan. Using this feature,  equipment can be pinned at the actual location in the Plan image. So that all the equipment becomes traceable during a physical search.
  • Once an asset is created, a QR code is automatically generated. This QR code will help in accessing all the relevant information for the Asset via a simple scan from the mobile devices.

Maintenance Management

  • Users can create Work Order. Or it can be generated automatically any time from scheduled maintenance triggers. DreamzCMMS has the preventive maintenance processed either metered or time basis. Also if the sensors are attached with equipment, then the user can set rules, so that once it reaches the threshold value, it generates Work Order and notify the actual technician with priority. Technicians can find it in mobile apps real time, update the work status and add the parts used and other costs to it.
  • Users can set a maintenance checklist for an asset. It helps technicians with basic instruction set to complete the task one after another.
  • Workflow feature brings automation in maintenance work order. Users can create a flow like auto job assignment to a technician, auto priority set up for a task etc.
  • Powerful BI Reports like MTTR, MTBF, KPI etc. are also available to get a detailed and graphical view of each asset performance wise and how much cost is spent for the work order.

Incident management

  • Users can directly log a problem or change requests anytime from the site. Admin can approve this and convert to work order.
  • It has the option to get the incident request from someone who is not the system user. Like in the Building  & property industry, the property owner/ tenants can report the problem from an external link.

Parts & supply management

  • Supply parts master setup consists of QR code identification,  Reorder level with inventory management
  • Stock Adjustment to maintain and view total number of parts received and issued transaction
  • Inventory Cycle count to identify the physical status

Procurement Management

  • This feature helps management to align purchase needs with exact requirements. So that unnecessary purchase can be controlled. DreamzCMMS has a purchase planning board to manage the Purchase requisition easily. Users can create purchase requisitions from different modules.  Once requisitions are approved, it has the option to create a corresponding Request for Quote (RFQ).
  • It has an intelligent RFQ compare option so that users can easily identify the best fit quotation to finalize. Once finalized, it creates a PO to send the supplier for further process.
  • Multi Location GRN feature helps the organization which has multiple sites but the entire procurement function can be managed centrally in DreamzCMMS

Considering the above-mentioned features of DreamzCMMS you can be assured that this software would help you to achieve an optimized maintenance management process. Click here to visit the Video Tutorial page to learn the modules in detail.


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