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What makes Mobile CMMS the future of Maintenance Management

Published On January 7, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Mobile CMMS at DreamzCMMS

Mobile CMMS applications come with all the important functions for maintenance and asset management and all  related functionality. These also come with powerful analytical features , mobility and agility. Find out what makes the CMMS Mobile App the future of maintenance management.

Mobile CMMS App adds value to Maintenance, Asset, Inventory and Purchase Management activities to a great extent by providing flexibility to access and update real time information from anywhere, anytime through mobile devices. This flexibility provides a powerful tool to any of the stakeholders.

Here are the values which Mobile CMMS App brings in to the CMMS users.

Asset Management and Maintenance On The Go

Modern Mobile CMMS applications have come up as the perfect solution for the management of all maintenance activities along with asset management, inventory and procurement management. 

These have amazing functionalities such as QR Code, RFID based tracking of equipment and parts. Availability of real time scenarios in mobile devices through various analytical dashboards. 

Real-time access to information

Mobile CMMS applications are a boon for technicians, maintenance managers, store managers and purchase managers. The Supervisors and decision makers are also benefited from the mobile App. All of them can access information real-time from almost any connected mobile device. They can refer to the information and share it on a real time basis. This helps in a clear progress in adaptability of interventions as well as reliability. The productivity and performance is also improved and a lot of time is saved in the process. Access to real time status improves visibility and clarity across stakeholders reducing chance of miscommunication.

With the help of the CMMS Mobile App, the technicians can create or update a maintenance task(Work Orders) along with all relevant details like parts used, hours consumed, cost involved etc. All of this information along with the current status of the maintenance task is accessible to any stakeholders like supervisor, requesters etc. real time. The overall status and birds eye is available to any supervisors providing them details on the current maintenance situation including utilization of the technicians, pending tasks etc.

Overcoming digital maintenance challenges

When compared to the earlier maintenance management solutions, mobile CMMS applications stand for a major advancement. These are designed to facilitate teamwork in a solid way and get their total support.

Mobile CMMS application from DreamzCMMS

In recent years, Mobile CMMS applications have come up with many advantages. There are practical benefits as well as human and economic advantages. DreamzCMMS Mobile application have all the features which makes it’s user more real time. And helps to reach the highest level of maintenance. It has both Online and Offline option to access the app content . You can continue to use the App while Offline and later on sync in once connected. This obviously stands for the future of productive activities of all types. To learn more, schedule for a free demo today.


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