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DreamzCMMS Condition-based Maintenance

DreamzCMMS features condition-based maintenance which generates work orders automatically when set conditions are met.

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Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance strategy to monitor and spot upcoming equipment failure so that maintenance can be proactively scheduled whenever needed. Asset conditions need to trigger maintenance requests in advance, so that any maintenance work can be completed way before the asset fails or performs below the optimal level.

How DreamzCMMS does it –

Proactive maintenance approach utilizes condition-based maintenance in two ways

  • Metered and Timed Events
  • Sensor Triggered Events

Metered and Timed Events

A work order is generated when an equipment meets a number of set  parameters which can be fed manually or automatically taken using some sensor for e.g. Motor vehicles come with a manufacturer-recommended interval for service say every 3000 miles. 

In time-based, the interval is based on an average or best guess rather than the actual condition. A Routine checkup work order can be created for an equipment in production at an interval of every 2 weeks to locate the wear and tear. Based on the findings a decision can be taken on whether to repair it or not.

Sensor Based Triggers

Sensors attached to equipment send the read data back to the system. Various sensors detect vacuum leaks, liquids or gasses, detect and measure flow, temperature and pressure, IR cameras detect high temperatures in energized equipment, etc.

Assume that an equipment needs corrective maintenance if the temperature rises above a certain value. Internet based sensors promptly report and log such data and monitor them continually. With the available data one can set a threshold limit for each of the sensors. Whenever a sensor reports a fault in limit, a work order is created and assigned to a technician.

Steps for Performing Condition-based Maintenance

Setup Sensors for Capturing Data

In this step, sensors are connected to equipment through the data hub and registered in the DreamzIoT Hub. Sensors are then synchronized in DreamzCMMS Platform which shows all the registered sensors.

Sensor Data Transfers

Here, the connected sensors are configured to transfer data and threshold values are entered.

Configure AI Rule Engine

In this final step, the rule engine is configured to use the parameter for actions such as creating different types of work orders based on rules and assigning technicians with workflow.

With these steps done, critical equipment is continuously monitored for data-reads and work order is created and assigned based on configuration.

Hence, considering the advantages of condition-based maintenance you might like to choose DreamzCMMS for a worry free and smarter experience.

4 Advantages of doing Condition-based Maintenance with the help of DreamzCMMS

Reduction in asset downtime
The failure modules  associated with condition- based maintenance allow the maintenance team to detect the faults quickly and  respond to them in the shortest possible time.
Optimization of time

The maintenance team can optimize the time spent on the entire process.

Reduction in disruption rate of production
There isn’t any need to completely shut down a system to perform condition- based maintenance and hence there is no disruption in production ever.
Lowering chances of catastrophic system failure
Our maintenance service can detect faults the moment they occur and inform technicians instantly for immediate actions. This restricts the occurrence of severe problems.

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