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DreamzCMMS – Incident To Work Order Tracking

DreamzCMMS lets you create, view, and track tickets for various types of incidents such as requests, problems and Change Request. Tickets for incidents can either be raised by end users from the request portal or by any authorized users from the DreamzCMMS Web/Mobile Application.

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Once the incident tickets are created, they can be converted into Jobs for Technicians (work orders) and be assigned by managers. The primary objective of managing incident tickets and corresponding work orders are:

  • Immediate attention to any end user issues and restore services to normalcy at the earliest
  • Prioritize incidents and work orders based on their severity
  • Achieve smooth daily operations
  • Identify and implement potential areas for improvement/corrections in operations

By tracking and managing incidents and work orders efficiently, operational loopholes can be identified and cured which leads to improved response and resolution time, customer satisfaction, reducedn maintenance cost and improved service efficiency.

How to Manage and Track Incident Tickets & Corresponding Work Orders in DreamzCMMS

View Assigned & Problematic Assets/Areas

The step involves viewing and identifying the assets that have been assigned and have issues to be resolved. By doing this, once can raise incident tickets for such issues.

Also, end users can raise incident tickets for any issues/problems noticed by them.

Identify Problem Type

After identifying the issue or problem, the next step is to determine the type of problem/incident for raising a ticket. There are three types of incidents for which tickets can be raised:

  • Request:

    This is generally an incident involving a general request. For example: Asking for repairing a broken air-conditioner.

  • Problem:

    Here, one can report a problem with an asset that has been assigned to or someone or just a general problem. For example, a conveyor belt that is malfunctioning is a problem to be resolved. Or a water leakage in an apartment kitchen can be reported as a problem.

  • Change Request:

    This type of incident involves replacing a part of or an entire asset that has been assigned. Any other type of Request that needs to go through the Change Approval process should be reported as a Change Request Incident.

Create Incident Tickets

Once the incident type has been identified, a ticket can be raised with all the relevant details of the incident. This can be raised in two ways, either from the request portal or by a manager on someone’s behalf through the DreamzCMMS web/mobile application. The tickets can be prioritized based on the need and assigned to a technician accordingly.

Track Incident Tickets

Incident tickets can be tracked in real-time by stakeholders based on the changes in their status. This brings total clarity to the information regarding the tickets to all stakeholders.

Converting Incident Tickets to Work Orders

Using the required details, managers can convert the incident tickets to work orders. The work orders are consequently assigned to the technicians.

Track Work Orders

Work orders created from incident tickets can be tracked for each change in status and can even be monitored in real time.

DreamzCMMS allows you to achieve operational efficiency by enabling end users to create and track incident tickets leading to enhanced user satisfaction.

Benefits of Tracking of Incident Tickets & Associated Work Orders with DreamzCMMS

It is possible to create & manage incident tickets from anywhere, anytime which gives super user satisfaction.
Saves valuable business hours by ensuring the logging of correct incident tickets first time with all related details.
Transparency in terms of tracking of incident/work order in real-time enhances effectiveness, user satisfaction, self-service & reduces workload.
Enhances staff utilization by providing a view of the number of tasks assigned to each technician in real-time.
Dreamzcmms keeps historical data of the entire life cycle of an incident raised, including the corresponding work order generated and addressed. Such easy availability of information facilitates fulfillment of compliance with regulatory requirements.

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