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Better Production & Maintenance for a Manufacturer

Published On March 10, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Better production & maintenance increases MTBF 250%

The Customer is a manufacturer who was practicing preventive and reactive maintenance. But the existing maintenance process needed to be replaced with a better solution to track data about production & maintenance and gather more intelligence from the system. DreamzCMMS’s Asset and Maintenance Management platform provided the solution aptly. 


Prior to DreamzCMMS, the maintenance manager used a spreadsheet system to manage maintenance. There was too much paperwork and poor data organization. The overall process was inefficient. There were too many frequent breakdowns to manage on an ad-hoc basis. This inefficient process necessitated the replacement of the existing process and system in place.


DreamzCMMS  was selected after a short trial period. It fulfilled the need to  track and analyze data and all maintenance related information. Intuitive and intelligent data management enabled the organization to track important information with ease. Identifying problem areas like finding assets causing the majority of breakdowns, became easy.

There were several benefits to the manufacturer after implementing DreamzCMMS. The mean time between failures (MTBF) increased drastically by 250 percent and reduced reactive work orders by 40%. Implementation of recurrent preventative schedule was easy on regular basis with DreamzCMMS.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

Before implementing DreamzCMMS, the manufacturer used multiple spreadsheets to manage assets, maintenance, and inventory. It was too much time consuming work to track data. Too much of Paperwork was time consuming and error prone. Identifying asset related pain areas was difficult. It was tough to record, track, and assign Maintenance related tasks , causing major workflow inefficiencies. Implementation of DreamzCMMS took care of all of these problems and improved efficiency.

Switching To DreamzCMMS

In addition to the  usual preventive maintenance tasks, the number of unplanned breakdowns were unmanageable for the manufacturer. DreamzCMMS provided a solution to have data storage. The customer can now capture as much production & maintenance data as required to reduce preventive maintenance struggles. DreamzCMMS made it easy to capture the required data so the manufacturer defined a preventive maintenance schedule for each asset. DreamzCMMS  mobile app is particularly helpful with reviewing and checking off preventive checklists on the move. The team can now capture more data to define tailored preventive maintenance schedules for every asset. This would increase the MTBF for each Assets.

Work Order Analytics Helps Team

DreamzCMMS Analytics helps the manufacturer to analyze work orders. The analytics are referred to during maintenance meetings providing insight to the team.  This resulted in major  reduction in asset downtime and maintenance costs and finally increased the production

Efficient Data Tracking identify Cost Savings and Opportunities

Implementing DreamzCMMS caused a major improvement in mean time between failures. Cost savings on its monthly maintenance budget have been increasing. With the digital solution, less paperwork and more computerized data, it was easier to track KPIs like work order compliance, mean time between failures, and mean time to repair. 

DreamzCMMS with its captured data helped the  maintenance manager to identify an  asset with an ongoing issue over an extended period, which caused the majority of the year’s breakdowns. With the help of DreamzCMMS, the manufacturer is working on to reduce these breakdowns.

Identifying Assets Having Recurring Problems

DreamzCMMS has helped the manufacturer to identify assets that had a considerable number of breakdowns and focus on solving repeat issues. 

The team can use the DreamzCMMS data about failures, shared with the equipment manufacturer. This helped in finding a solution to fix the equipment. 

Reducing Downtime and Failures

DreamzCMMS has helped the manufacturer to achieve most savings in equipment downtime and processes. With DreamzCMMS, captured data, it provided insight to see where its most reactive jobs are coming from, address any problems, and reduce asset downtime. MTBF increased greatly. In other words, it helped in better production & maintenance.

With DreamzCMMS saving time for routine maintenance work and planning, the team could now focus in other areas. Safety measures are now dealt with more proactively and in a planned manner with DreamzCMMS.

Promoting a Learning Culture

DreamzCMMS reduced a lot of unnecessary manual work and time consuming while moving to a digital solution from a manual process. Time spent in paperworks and spreadsheets are not removed. With the available additional bandwidth and peace of mind related to maintenance work management, technicians now have the time and energy to learn more about the equipment. 

They can study and learn more about equipment and be self-sufficient to take care of the issues. Reduction in unplanned breakdowns caused reducing the number of jobs for contractors, saving cost.


Business Benefits Achieved

Global players rely on DreamzCMMS to run their Asset Management & Maintenance Operations

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