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Record Proof of Completion

DreamzCMMS provides effective ways to capture and record proof of completion of work orders. Users can capture images & videos, add notes and even sign digitally as a part of provenance.<

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Previously traditional ways of managing preventive maintenance were pen-paper and spreadsheets which were error prone, difficult to monitor, labor intensive and not at all user friendly. Using modern technology of work order and maintenance management i.e. CMMS, allows one to manage assignments automatically and also to store and retrieve checklists easily as the entire procedure gets digitized.

5 Reasons why using DreamzCMMS is important for Record Proof of Completion

DreamzCMMS software performs the following 6 functions for easy work order management:

Creation of Digital Checklists

DreamzCMMS creates digital checklists with the help of an in-built form builder along with the necessary schedule sets. As a result, the checklists come as to-do-lists and alert the technicians for task completions.

Digital Signing of Checklists

DreamzCMMS software service does away with the traditional ways of submitting paper checklists to the supervisor for endorsing them. DreamzCMMS has a workflow feature that allows sending the completed checklists to the supervisor for signing off. Working digitally and asynchronously using DreamzCMMS saves both time and labor. In the current pandemic situation, where the physical signing of checklists is difficult, the software allows the signing of documents digitally right from one’s comfort zone.

Accessing Checklists on Mobile

DreamzCMMS mobile app allows  technicians to work on and complete checklists on-site by using tablets, mobiles or laptops. Hence, technicians can record the progress while on the move. DreamzCMMS even allows attaching evidence and photos as proof of completion of checklists.

Completing Activities on Checklist

Once a checklist gets scheduled in the to-do-list, it is ensured that the checklist work is completed. Otherwise, the staff is needed to give justifications for skipping that particular checklist. DreamzCMMS also allows generation of management reports to check the cumulative level of checklist completion.

Notes of Completion and Attachments

The purpose of the completion note is to provide an overall information about the maintenance work done and its status along with any related foreseen issues, risks and notes. One can also document Identified Problems, Root Causes, Solutions Provided and Completion Notes besides digitally signing the same.



Seeing the efficiency of DreamzCMMS in maintaining and managing record proof of completion of work orders, one might consider switching over from the traditional methods to DreamzCMMS.

9 vital points for inclusion in the Process of Maintenance Work Order

Information regarding Requests and Approvals of work orders
It is important to have the contact information of the person who has reported the problem or else while working with a large team of technicians and supervisors, it would be difficult to follow up with the reporter.
ID and Asset location
A proper work order should necessarily have a specified serial number or ID for an asset so that it can be located easily. DreamzCMMS even features a barcode scanning facility.
Job Description
Under this head, the description of the reported problem is provided while dealing with equipment repairs.
Work Assignment
Assigning work to a specific person always ensures proper work performance
Technicians are always informed about the due date of work order completion thus allowing better work planning.
Work Priority
This allows technicians to decide on the work priority list.
Image and video Attachment 
Attaching an image of the problem, makes it a lot easier for the technicians and the team to visualize the problem more vividly.
Equipment BOM 
DreamzCMMS app allows technicians to view required tools and parts from the lists of equipment BOM without going to the store room, leaving any work midway.
Completion Notes
The purpose of the completion note is to mark if there is any important information on future work on an asset.

Asset Lifecycle Management

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